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In his essay, Orwell establishes his ideas and thoughts accurately whereby his arguments are well displayed and articulated. In his essay, he argues that the reason why the English language becomes unpleasant and imprecise is due to the point that the thoughts of individuals are foolish although the slovenliness of the language has made it easier for people to have foolish thoughts. Orwell discusses the characteristics of a bad writing with the inclusion of the pretentious diction associated with some meaningless words.

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Orwell indicates that the English language has declined, but the assumption that people have is that nothing can be done about it since the civilization of people lies in the language. If any abuse should be subjected to the language, then it becomes a sentimental archaism. The decline of language as mentioned is as a result of political and economic causes. Its decline is far from the fact that an individual has had a bad influence, but rather it can be the fact that the effect has become a cause that reinforces the original cause and also producing the same effect in an intensified form.

Orwell maintains that during his time, the political speeches given and the writing made were largely the defense of the vulnerable. He claimed that the actions of the ruthless politicians could only be defended using some brutal arguments that do not align with the aims of their parties. With an example from five passages, he identified the speeches that had mental vices from which the individual suffers. The first example was an essay in the freedom expression, interglossia, essay on psychology in politics, communist pamphlet and a letter in tribune.

He states that with each passage, some faults were adamant apart from the preventable cruelty. Some abilities were common to everyone and they included staleness of imagery and shortage of accuracy. He identifies the fault that made those individual make the language vague was because they had some concept, but they just did not know how to express them or the fact that the speaker is indifferent because he is not sure that the words he has spoken meant anything.

The mixture of ambiguity and sheer ineffectiveness is considered as the noticeable distinguisher of the English prose or even in any political writing. Prose entails fewer words that are selected. Some of the various tricks that habitually construct the effort of text are as follows; the dying metaphor, operators or the verbal false limbs, pretentious diction and meaningless words.

The developed metaphor can assist thoughts through the act of arousing an optical image and also if a metaphor is considered dead, then it can be utilized with less vibrancy. Operators or spoken false limbs bar the suitable nouns and verbs. They also help to plug separate sentence with additional syllables which allow it to have the symmetrical appearance. Pretentious diction gives dignity to the disreputable procedure of the universal politics and writing which objects at adoring war. It frequently settles on archaic color.

It is considered ordinary to meet some meaningless words like in art criticism and also in literary criticism. Modern writing according to Orwell does not include picking out words for the sake of their meaning and inventing images, it consists of bonding together very long strips of words which have been set in correct order by another person with the results very presentable.

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