Taking Our Stab at Our Infatuation With Guns by Molly Ivins Article Review

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Taking our stab at our infatuation with guns is an article that was written by Molly Ivins and published by Creator Syndicate, Inc in Austin. The article criticizes the constitutional rights of people to possess and keep arms since the arms end up in the wrong hands, where irrational people misuse them. The author explains that the second amendment intended to have a well-regulated militia possessing guns, meaning that the guns were only destined for a specific group of people and not every other person. He strongly disagrees with the possession of arms by the residents arguing that guns should be restricted to sober and rational minds that have undergone adequate training and discipline. I agree with his stand that guns should not be availed to every other person; rather they should be restricted to the right people and for the right purposes.

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I think that the author is putting across a very significant point, by relating the guns to cars. It is true that guns kill as many people as automobiles, yet license to drive are only given to individuals who have proven competency and have undergone adequate training. Also, the car licenses are revoked for any misdemeanor by the owner. If guns are treated the same way, then only people who should possess guns must have undergone vigorous training and discipline on how to use the gun for the right purposes and with the safety of the community at heart. I totally agree with the authors stand that guns should be regulated, and not everybody should be allowed to own one because some people are hyperactive, and they can become a threat to the public.

It is true that some people are so irrational and immature that they may misuse the guns in every petty issue across their lives. In my opinion, the government should introduce a program through which, people who are in need of gun can go through as part of registration and license so that they can learn how to handle and to use them for the right purposes. Such a program should be discriminative in nature to accommodate only those people who have proven and legit reason to be armed. Also, the government should make follow-up programs that will ensure that individuals who have been licensed to possess guns do not misuse them. In the case of any misuse, such people should be fined heavily and the license to possess a gun revoked.

I feel that the author is right when he states that guns kill people and the only people who can confirm that are those that work at the cop shop since they experience daily cases of family arguments that end up in murder due to the possession of a gun by one of the family members. My friends cousin was injured by her husband when he shot her twice in the arm as a result of domestic disagreements. The husband was drunk, and he probably lost control and reacted unreasonably. It was just by chance that he did shoot her in a sensitive part such as head or chest. Such people should not be allowed to own a gun at any cost. Only mature and responsible people should be given license to own a gun.

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