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The (Mis) education of Monica and Karen

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The article that I read was fascinating because it gave me the idea of how higher institutions do the opposite of what is expected by the society. The article I read was about the two high school graduates, Monica and Karen, who had the ambition of going to higher learning institution to fulfill their dream careers. However, on reaching the MU, it happens to be the opposite of what they thought. The article gives the experience of the two girls in MU and how the dreams of the two young girls are almost destroyed with the lifestyles they find on the campus, for example, partying every weekend and getting drunk.

It can be said that it is tempting to assume that academic success is determined, in large part, by what students bring with them different ability levels, resources, and orientation to college life Page 51. This quote inspired me because it enlightened me more on life at the campus. The quote showed me that higher learning institutions can be a bridge to success and at the same time it can act as a weapon of destruction to someones life if he/she does not take care.

We might say that, regardless of what they might desire and want in life, students in the higher learning institutions come from different backgrounds, and they require different things Page 51-52. This quote also touched me because it made me expand my knowledge of the societal organization. I understood that the society has different classes of people, and this difference come with different demands and needs.

Final reflective essay

How can an organization of learning institutions shape the decisions of the learners?

The (Mis) education of Monica and Karen is an article authored by Laura Hamilton and Elizabeth Armstrong in 2012. The article talks about the life experience of the two young girls who graduate from high school and develops the ambition of attending a higher learning institution to pursue their career dreams. Hamilton and Armstrong explain how the life at MU shapes the lives of Karen and Monica. The authors explain that learning institutions consist of students from various backgrounds; some students come from a well-established and economically-abled background while some come from a humble background. The authors further explain that organizational structure of learning institutions can change the way someone used to think and act.

Based on the experience of the two girls, Karen and Monica, we can depict the impacts the learning institutions can have on the students. Monica is from a humble background, but she is forced to join what other students are doing, for example, partying every weekend and getting drunk something that she and Karen had never attempted while in school. The authors try to make the readers understand the influence the learning institutions can have on the students.

Working the code: On girls, gender, and inner-city violence

Working the code o Girls, Gender, and Inner-city violence is an article authored by Nikki Jones in 2008. The article I read about the street life of the teenagers was fascinating and inspiring. The article talks of how teenagers strive to survive in the streets. It also gives the ways in which the teenagers try to protect themselves and cope with the hostile streets that are full of violence. Based on the article, I think circumstances can force someone to act in a manner he/she acts.

It can be said that it is because of the complex relationship between masculinity and femininities, respect and violence that encourage the people to fight for recognition and respect in the society Page 107. This quote was inspiring because it expanded my understanding of the fight against gender recognition in the society. The quote made me understand that everyone deserve to be respected and recognized just like anyone else in the society.

It can be said that gender does not deter young women from involving in violence that has long been associated with the men in the hostile streets and the neighborhoods Page 114. This quote was inspiring as well because it indicates that society has changed. It is no longer the days when women were discriminated, and they used to do nothing. Now the young women have realized that they are not much different to their counterparts, men who have long been engaged in violence in the streets.

Final reflective essay

How do young women fight for recognition and respect in the society?

Nikki explains how the society has changed, and things that were done by men are now done also by the women. Nikki explains that women and girls had been considered shy of violence, but things have taken a different turn with the same people perceived to be shy can now do the same things that the men do. Nikki argues that the young women have now adopted the code of street that advocates for respect and recognition in the society. As Nikki states, young women are forced to take the violent path because they find themselves in the same experiences that require violent feedback. Through the experiences of the young teenagers, DeLisha, Danielle, Shante, Takeya, we can understand the reasons why young women now embrace the violent approach of finding solutions. Nikki explains that because of the hostile society that the young women find themselves and lack of someone to stand for them encourage them to adopt the violent approach because it is the only way to survive. For example, DeLisha is only seventeen years, and she is a mother of one-year-old kid who needs to be protected and provided for. Therefore, DeLisha has to fight because her drug addict mother cannot provide for her. Nikki explains that the circumstance that the young women find themselves force them to respond in such a violent and hostile manner. According to Nikki, the society is hostile to everyone and therefore, it requires a hostile response.

Blue Chip Blacks: Managing Race in Public Spaces

The article that I read gave me a wider perception of race discrimination. I got to understand the wider perception of race discrimination. Despite the discrimination that they face, the blacks do everything to earn the recognition and respect of the society. for long, there has been an argument about ethnic and racial discrimination especially in the US where the blacks are discriminated and are not allowed to enjoy the same opportunities as their white counterparts. The article I read gave me more reasons to understand the social class difference in the society. The article examined how the blacks try to earn the respect of the society by making their social status known to everyone. It also shows how the blacks struggle to reach the status that can earn the respect of the community, a privilege that is enjoyed by their white counterparts.

It can be said that instances of discrimination against the African-Americans in public places occur almost every day Page 129. This quote broadened my knowledge on the challenges that the blacks face in their interaction in public places. Although most blacks face discrimination from the whites in social places, for example, workplaces, and learning institutions, most of them do not talk about it.

It can be said that despite being discriminated against the color or background they come from the blacks do not allow the problem deter them from becoming successful page 140. For long I have known that cases of discrimination have reduced over the past years. However, when I read the article, I got it all wrong. Most people still face discrimination especially against color and race one belongs to.

Final reflective essay

Blue chip Blacks: Managing race in public spaces is an article written by Karyn R. Lacy in 2007. The article shows the discrimination the blacks pass through in public places. Lacy tries to make us the readers understand the struggle that the blacks go through in an attempt to eradicate the humiliation they face in public places. Lacy explains that despite the blacks are stigmatized in workplaces and other public places by their white counterparts. Lacy further explains that the blacks are struggling to make their social status known so as to get out of the discriminated and despised working class that most blacks fall. As she puts it, the blacks are engaged in a conflict of societal identity, and they try to do everything to make their social status known to everyone as opposed to their white counterparts who are used to the middle-class status and does not see any big deal about it. Lacy tries to make the reads understand that despite the attempts to move to the next social status level, the blacks would never reach their white counterparts because it will need them to focus all their attention on improving their social status so as to attain the same status as a white person. Lacy explains that blacks despite the discrimination that the blacks face, they take the humiliation as encouragement to work harder so as to reach where their white counterparts think that they cannot reach. The author uses the experience of Brad, a black man who has been discriminated by the college counselor to show how the blacks perceive the discrimination they go through positively. As Lacy explains, Brad used the discouragement from the counselor as motivation to get enrollment into college.

Gay Parenthood and the end of paternity as we knew it

The world has changed, and the changes have forced people into it to change as well. The issue of gays has not been a new term in our ears because, for several years, this term has frequently been used by politicians, academicians and even religious fellows who have raised various arguments about the legality of the marriage between the same sexes. However, even after gay marriage being legalized in the US, it has remained an issue for many people who feel that it is not right because the main purpose of marriage is to procreate that is impossible with the gay couple. The article that I read has tried to explain the ways that the gay couples use to make their marriage as common as the heterosexual marriage. The article talks about the ways that the gay couples take to become parents just like any other couples in marriage. Adoption and surrogacy are some of the main approaches that are considered by gay couples in their journey to becoming parents.

Becoming a parent does not depend on the economic status of the parents or the so desired parents but rather it depends on emotions of the couples page 165. Becoming a parent depends on the couple (s) who desire to have a child in their marriage. Unlike the traditional ways of the society; where becoming a parent was obligatory, and anyone who was married was expected to have a child or children, the current society has reduced he burden that married couples go through especially when it comes to parenthood. Nowadays, becoming a parent is a choice and not mandatory; people get children when they desire to have them.

It can be said that access to contraception, safe abortion, and assisted reproductive technologies, unhitches traditional links between heterosexual love, marriage and baby carriages page 164. For years now, the issue of childlessness has raised concern to many people and technology has contributed significantly to the menace in the society. With the emergence of contraceptives, legalization of abortion and gay marriages, the issue of childlessness has even worsened.

Final reflective essay

Gay Parenthood and the end of paternity as we knew it is an article written by Judith Stacy in 2011. The article depicts the challenges faced by the gay couples who wish to become parents in their marriages. As Stacy explains, becoming a parent nowadays is not mandatory like the old days when someone was supposed to get children once he/she was married. The author argues that even the gay despite their situat...

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