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Justin Fox is one of the leading guitarists for the group; The Spirit of the Beehive band. The musical band is one of the leading bands in America today. The band has existed for many years and keeps prospering aids the creation of other bands. I have always wanted to learn about the band because of its fame. Justin Fox as one of the longest serving members of the band would provide me with important information about the band. I have contacted him and he accepted my invitation for the interview. Since the members of the group are passionate about their job I would like to understand the spirit behind their passion and prosperity. I believe that with his experience and engagement with the band, Justin Fox would provide me with the necessary information about the band.

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Interviewer: Welcome and thank you for honoring my invitation, would you please introduce yourself.

Justin Fox: Thank you for having me, it is an honor to be here. My name is Justin Fox; I am one of the leading guitarists for The Spirit of the Beehive Band.

Interviewer: Thank you, why did you decide to join this band?

Justin Fox: Everybody would love to join the band, even the unborn children want to join the band. The band is one of the worlds most entertaining musical groups. The band has been in existence since I was born, through my father; who loved listening and following the band, I became interested in the band. It was my desire to be part of the band for a long time and when I got the chance while at college I did not hesitate.

Interviewer: What actually inspired you to join the band?

Justin Fox: Since my childhood I have always loved music, as I said earlier my father was a great fan of the band and most of the times we would attend the functions with him. That was how I loved the band. I wanted to be part of it since when I was a child.

Interviewer: Are you the major guitarists for the band?

Justin Fox: I am one of the bands major guitarists.

Interviewer: Do all guitarists perform at the same time or how do you share the role of the guitarists?

Justin Fox: Sometimes we would perform collaboratively for a large crowd but when the audience is average only one or two guitarists would perform.

Interviewer: For how long do you train to achieve such perfection?

Justin Fox: Most of us are employed elsewhere and we do the music during the weekend and during our extra time. We normally train during the evenings for two hours or more depending on our commitment except for the weekends.

Interviewer: What is the secret of your group that makes it thrive in the competitive entertainment industry?

Justin Fox: It is always simple, we concentrate on what our audience need without considering what other entertainers do. We are committed to our efforts to entertain.

Interviewer: What are some of the challenges you face as a group?

Justin Fox: Our major challenge has been in terms of financing the equipment we use.

Interviewer: How do you overcome such challenges?

Justin Fox: We contribute our earning in addition to what we receive from various performances and sometimes the well wishers help us.

Interviewer: What inspired you to major on playing the guitar and not any other part of the band?

Justin Fox: as a child I believed that music and entertainment was all about the guitar so I spent much time training on the guitar until I became perfect.

Interviewer: What do you think being a guitarist reveals about you?

Justin Fox: It shows more about my passion for music more than any other factors like determination.

Interviewer: Are there other roles you play in the band apart from playing the guitar?

Justin Fox: Sometimes I sing but rarely.

Interviewer: Thank you for coming and welcome again.

Justin Fox: Thank you

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