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I was twelve years old when I had gone to visit my cousins who lived in Marmot, Oregon. One day during my stay, my cousin Martin invited me to hang out with his friend Ashton (who we called Ash). I had never seen Mt. Hood before. Thus, Martin thought it was a good idea for us to drive in that direction. Just as Martin was reversing, Mr. Coolidge showed up as angry as a bear. Mr. Coolidge was Ashtons father. I had never seen him smile. He was not happy to see Ashton going anywhere. I had heard that Mr. Coolidge occasionally beat Ash. Ash had to lie that we were going to buy supplies in town.

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The roads were slippery, and the weather made visibility worse. As such, we had to drive further than we had intended just to see Mt. Hood. After driving for an hour or so, Martin stopped the car and decided that we should take a nature walk. The weather was slightly better, and the sun peered through the cloudy skies. As we walked around, we encountered what appeared to be a barricaded cavern.

We looked through the old and rusty mesh that blocked the entrance hoping to see where the tunnel led. However, only darkness stared back. Let us check it out, said Martin excitedly. Ash looked at me with a worried look. He did not want to get into any trouble with his father if he went home late. I looked up towards the sky and noted that it was snowing more than ever. All our footprints had been covered, and it was all white. The wind was also gusty. It blew a mixture of rain and snow onto my face. I could sense that a storm was beckoning. Ash and Martin began fooling around. Martin then pushed Ash against the rusted metal grate, and instead of the bars getting in the way of Ashs fall, they caved in, and Ash fell through into the gaping darkness.

Ash let out a shrill as we watched him plunge into darkness, then we heard a thud. I had thought that the tunnel went in horizontally when in fact it was a vertical drop. I rushed into the tunnel yelling out Ashs name. It smelt like rotting eggs. Sulfur I assumed. Martin barely moved. He was aghast. I could not tell if his face was white because of shock or if it was the biting cold that had turned him ghostly. My frantic efforts of calling Ash bore no fruits. I began to fear the worst. As I rushed out of the tunnel, I tripped. My arms did little to help, and my fall was broken by the hard surface of an exposed mound. I was briefly irritated since the whole place was covered in snow except the part where my face landed. How convenient! I told myself.

Martin began to cry. I did not mean to push him. I swear! It did not matter whether I believed him or not. I knew we had to get back to the car where we had left our phones, to call for help. I began to trudge in the nearly half a meter of snow while pulling Martin along with me. The wind gust had turned to a blizzard. The sun had disappeared, and I could not even remember where the car was parked. The angry face of Mr. Coolidge kept popping up in my mind. I felt bad for Ash who would receive a beating if he was not already I stopped myself from thinking the worst. Martin soon caught up with me and kept pointing towards the tunnel. I understood what he meant.

We could not make it back to the car with the current conditions. The blizzard was too strong, and it was getting dark. Getting back was harder. The wind and snow had fastened their grip on us but after going in circles for thirty minutes, we finally we made it back to the tunnel. The wind blew strongly, but the tunnel was so warm I could have slept on the icy floor due to exhaustion. Martin took out his torch and used its flashlight to illuminate the surroundings. I looked at him in annoyance. He had a flashlight and did not think to use it earlier. It was then that we saw just how extensive the tunnel was. The vertical drop stood between the entrance and the rest of what appeared to be a mine. Martin shone the light into the cavity. The bottom was visible, but Ash was nowhere to be seen.

Martin and I began to look around. Barely two minutes later, his torch went off, and we slept on the dirty ground. I fantasized of home as I tried to escape the clutches of the cold. I woke up in the morning and found Martin and Ashton in a confrontation with Mr. Coolidge. He had a rifle which he had pointed at us. I tensed up. I was getting ready to run. My eyes scouted for an escape path but they could not find any. Fear overwhelmed me as I wondered whether to fight, flee, or freeze. I froze until my body took over. I lunged forward and collided with Mr. Coolidge. The rifle let out a loud blast. I staggered backward. Mr. Coolidge dropped the gun. He clasped his mouth in shock. Ash kicked the gun into the hole. We all stood in silence before filing out of the cave quietly. We had to ride home in Mr. Coolidges car in awkward silence since Martins car had stalled in the snow. After telling my parents about my ordeal they drove all the way to Oregon and I went back home after just two days.


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