Bernie Sanders Speech Rhetorical Analysis

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In almost all political rallies, the politicians make an attempt to address the needs of the poor as a way of connecting with them. In most cases they seek to send a message meant to make the audience and the speaker emotionally connected. The main goal is to give the impression that they have a moral drive behind all the politics. Most of the politicians want to get into the politics with an aim of helping or teaching others. It is obvious that any if not all of the politicians have an interest in defending those who belong to the lower class. However, Bernie Sanders does it in a different style. He speaks about the poor peoples oppression and needs. This paper focuses on examining how well Bernie Sanders addresses his audience, the techniques he employs to move and convince them to share his ideology and thoughts. The paper will use pay attention to the particular speech he gave on his progressive agenda for America.

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For Bernie Sanders, his life as a politician started in the 1980s. Having stayed in the game of politics for this long, it is logical to assume that he is a wealthy man. Bernie Sanders has served both in the House of Representatives and the Senate. He is not in the middle class that he constantly keeps defending neither does Bernie have any trouble in paying the bills, a major concern that he keeps addressing. The kind of speech that he gives, often portray his ability to move his audience.

Bernie Sanders starts his speech by introducing himself. He gives a brief history of himself, his mother, where she was born, raised and lived and when she died. Bernie also gives a description of his father, where he came from (Poland), at a young age of only seventeen years. Tactfully he also introduces his marital status and discloses that he is a father of four beautiful children (Bernie Progress | Bernie Sanders). He uses the family approach since he is speaking to an audience of people in family life and his specific aim is to identify with them. Bernie says that he wants to see his children grow in a country that will support them and give the best life to them. By using the perspective of a father, he targets to make the people feel that he is a fellow parent running for the presidency, and they can vote him and volunteer to spread the campaigns more as well as support him with donations.

The very first words that Bernie Sander uses are an attack on the high-class people. This campaign sends a message to the high-class; you cannot have it all (Bernie Progress | Bernie Sanders). The confrontation is used while addressing the middle-class audience. Bernie Sander does this to let middle-class people know that, he is aware that there are injustices, and he is looking forward to re-establishing a new order that will focus on wiping out injustice, decentralize favors given to the high-class and give a better life to the middle-class people who are struggling with paying bills.

In his speech, Sander comes out as quite confrontational. His speech is targeted at sending out the simple but critical message to the people in the middle-class who are struggling with bills and unemployment to give them hope for a better future. He aims at convincing his audience that if they vote him as their president, and then it is assured that the working class people will experience a positive effect on his presidency. They live in a fairer world with better working environments and better wages. A person working forty hours in a week does not deserve to be living in poverty (Bernie Progress | Bernie Sanders). The statement is a mockery to the employers that is meant to stir the emotions of the audience of the injustices being procured against them. It is supposed to make the audience feel that they deserve better pays even without having to work much harder. All they need to do is vote Bernie Sander, to have their lives improved.

While addressing the issue of unemployment, Bernie Sander reasons with the audience on how the problem has been magnified yet it should not. He talks about creating thirteen million new employment opportunities that will be rebuilding Americas infrastructure. By using this approach, the target is to make the audience feel that the only problem they have is not unemployment. The aim is to make the people realize what a necessity; it is for them to vote an able leader- Bernie Sander- who will solve the problem using the best strategy to yield a double profit. The people will get more people employed and at the same time have the infrastructure, enhanced and, in turn, foster more development. It is important to note the conviction tone that he uses, We are going to put people back to work. The conviction of these words is meant to create faith in the people that Bernie Sander is an able leader who will surely see the employment opportunities created.

The issue of wealth and income inequality is a significant moral issue of our time. It is a great political issue of our age and it is a great political issue of our time. With this statement, Bernie Sanders identifies that he is aware of how rigged the American economy is. Sanders informs the people that he, like all other Americans recognizes the problem and is willing to make it better once he becomes the president. Additionally, he is cautious to include the audience and tells them as the president they will together change the situation.

Bernie Sanders makes an attempt to appeal to the audience that he is of the best insight that he strongly seeks to disagree with the voting against the war in Iraq. By bringing forth this argument he seeks to plead with the Democrats because this is a sensitive topic to them. Tactfully it is also a direct attack on his opponent Hillary Clinton, who had voted for the war.

He gives information on how he grew up in poverty to create the impression that he identifies with the discomfort of living in poverty. By telling about him being familiar with child immigration, Sanders gives a notion of being informed with first-hand knowledge. He also talks about having the concept of working hard to gain what each person deserves. He does this when he talks about winning his first election, and yet no one thought that actually he would win.

Bernie Sanders outlines the importance of quality education which targets the students and those people struggling with school fees. He sends a message to them that once he becomes the president, he will give priority to making college and university education free so that all eligible students will not be hindered from exploiting their careers and talents due to lack of financial ability.

For Bernie Sanders, he effectively uses emotionally evocative statements to appeal to his audience. He argues in a convincing manner to the crowd. It is commendable that he is sensitive to the nature of his population. He addresses them with a sensitivity to their gender, marital status, age and economic class.

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