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Question 1: Discuss whether you believe that we are products of our own nature or our nurture basing your argument on the twin studies.

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According to Bezdjian, S, Baker, L. A., & Tuvblad, C. (2011), some of our behavioral feelings seem like they originated from our genetic makeup while other characters might be as a result of our hard work and societal upbringing. Several people around the globe have a different opinion about the nature-nurture discussion. The twin study in this review plays a significant role in differentiating the nature versus nurture argument for example, by using identical twins, as an illustration, one can easily derive their biological phenotypes and personal traits. Studies show that most identical twins share natural genetic makeup and diverse phenotypes under the same environment.

Life challenges make twins have different experiences which in the long run shape their behavior and personality unique to one another such as aggressiveness and social interests among others. Based on the argument, we are products of our nurture. Scientific study shows that as a person gets older, the environmental changes makes them acquire traits by nature as compared to the young generation. Because our moral character depends on nature-nurture debate, mostly, we become in control of our actions through the consciousness we have in our brains and make just decisions regarding the situation at hand.

Question 2: How does your response to the previous question relate to our Christian worldview

My answer to the first question relates to our Christian worldview in some ways depending on the hereditary and environmental surroundings. For example, the upbringing of twins in a Christian way by their parents has a direct impact on their behavior in the society. They will get to understand the real moral values such as love, respect, and integrity to everyone. Also, through their parents, they will learn how Gods nature of creation and the universe came into existence and accepting positively every human being for who they are regardless of race or gender (Sullivan P. F, Neale, M. C. & Kendler K. S, 2000).

In conclusion, our nature in relating to things within the environment starts with our way of thinking and family responsibility. There is no precise identification of a person as we are equal according to Christian teachings. Human personality and behavior depend on the individual, and it can be caused either by genetic heritability or surrounding environment. At all time, one needs to be transparent in deriving solutions to ideas in his daily life encounter.


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