Narrative Essay on Self-Exploration

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Sadness and Joy are part of our lives. However, it is upon us to choose on which side of the memories to dwell upon despite the fact that they are all crucial to our personalities and character. Personally, I have always been the number one enthusiast for my family, my husband's success I embrace as if it were my own, my daughter's achievements we live in them together and therefore anything that seems to come in between this greatly breaks my heart. Life gives and life takes but I once lost very important people in my life, my father had always been such a role model my life and I looked forward to seeing him smile by seeing the tremendous success that I would achieve but one day he was taken abruptly and sadly from our lives after he fell and got a brain hemorrhage that saw him succumb to a coma after four days. This was a testing moment that almost broke me, but I clung to the faith that everything would be better and he was always proud of his daughter no matter here on earth with me or in heaven.

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Another trying moment that I have never truly found solace with was the death of my newborn daughter at birth. It had been such anticipation for our firstborn with my husband, but fate decided otherwise. Nonetheless, faith has always been my victor, and after a few years we had our firstborn daughter, and the joy was just uncontrollable. Life is a mystery as it gives and takes at will. However, we are the masters of our emotions and destiny. Later we had another daughter, and they grew up to be adventure lovers as their mom, I just couldn't handle my joy when they got their visas to Canada. I have always found joy by believing no matter the sad and the trying times in my life, therefore have developed and self-exploration strategy, identify my strengths and weaknesses, and through self-awareness, I found a way to align my strengths in such a manner that they compensate for my weaknesses.

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