Why Education Is an Important Thing That You Can Do for Yourself

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It always raises my concern when I hear kids from my neighborhood complaining how they hate school; this is because I grew up seeing my mother struggling to get money in order to gather for our needs. Since she was not educated it meant that she could not get any formal employment in the corporate world and the only thing she could do to earn a living for I and my little sister was to do manual jobs including babysitting for the rich neighbors. I am now a month from graduating and earning my college degree, something I could not imagine it would ever happen. I sometimes do two jobs as well as going to college so as to raise my own tuition fee as well as helping my mother in any way possible including facilitating my sisters 5th-grade education. It is my belief that education is a necessity for persons life and it is a tool for success in the real world.

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My life in high school, not such enjoyable since I was not that scholarly as compared to the other students, what I did was just enough to get by. I had formulated a motto for myself which was the reason for me being in here is to get out of here! meaning to graduate so as to make my mother happy. My habits of studying were just not good and as a matter of fact, I am not even sure even if I had any studying habits. Studying mathematic and other science courses were not appealing to me at all since I did not understand where in my life I will ever apply them. All these ended me up not wanting anything to do with more schooling, all I wanted was to graduate and get a job.

I can vividly remember how my mother was frustrated when and how much she was hurt when I told her I was not going to go to college in any way whatsoever. Mom had worked so hard, and did without the luxuries of life for my college in order to save for my college but I let her down. She knew for me to succeed in this world was getting a college education. I could not see the sense of what she was telling me, even with the tears in her eyes could not persuade me. I went away.

Five years later after some maturing and facing the real world, working in food joints and restaurants, doing dead-end jobs and living on debts to pay other debts, I figured out that higher education was indeed going to be necessary for the better of my life. My mother was right and if only I could have offered an ear to listen to her I could have gotten my college education years ago. Though I cannot go back in time, I have made the best of my today. I am getting my high school teaching degree so as to be able to help the youths know how important education is and not to make similar mistakes as mine.

To this far, the accomplishment that I have made in my life is worth congratulating myself. The only regret I have is that I did not complete my education sooner like my age mates. In the long-run, I am soon going to earn my college degree and I am very proud of this accomplishment. It is my belief that education has to be one of the very important things one can do for him/herself.

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