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During the beginning of my senior year, I felt like time was moving so fast and days the same way. I woke up with excitement and anxiety realizing that today was our first day of sharing the experience of a senior with the next day being the graduation already. Through my experience in school, I realized that time had moved so fast and with the final exams and school clearance, little did I realize that our class was about to practice and rehearse for graduation day. Each single day that our class met to practice for graduation, actually played an important role since it acted as a bonding session to share our memories. Sharing laughter and going for different eating, photo session, and drinking joints was the moods before graduation.

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Time went so fast, and I couldnt imagine that it was our graduation day that the senior students were preparing and waiting. The day we were all going to say goodbye to everyone and our class teachers. Early in the morning as we all waited for the ceremony since I came way earlier to school, I first stayed in our car before the start of the main ceremony. As I expected and waited, my stomach could hear funny sounds for sometimes. My throat and my mouth was becoming thirsty and dry that I didnt have the feeling to move to the graduation square because I didn't know what exactly will happen, especially to my body. When it was now time to settle in the graduation square, I entered the hall and the environment changed; I felt a severe level of joy and happiness seeing my friends and all my co-graduates all over the campus. What! a happy moment where we could all smile at each other bearing in mind that all our struggles and hard bore fruits.

Having the feeling of getting ready for a new chapter in our life, we could talk some few words about our future strategies. I then looked at my dearest section and also my best friend and decided to have a picture with him plus other classmates. The master of ceremony stood up and requested all the grandaunts to stand up, thats how the ceremony started. Since the ceremony took quite long, all of us to prevent boredom kept themselves busy by chatting with each other and gave themselves session of taking photos while the ceremony proceeds. Then it was my time to receive the degree, with my parents on my side, I climbed the stairs, with my heart pounding and feet shivering. I was jubilant and excited that the fruit of my hard work would be anytime on my hand. During the whole ceremony we felt like most burdens were being relieved from us and the entire ceremony felt like a relief for all of us.

Ideally, I could feel that the most memorable journey and the happiest moment of my life have just ended. The laughters, the memories, most especially the friendships and the lessons in life will forever and always be treasured for the rest of my life. Through the most speeches that came out that day, we were mostly advised that this is not the end of the journey, but it is also the beginning of more exciting and more thrilling chapter of our lives.

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