Scholarship Essay for Rotary Club Sponsorship

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It has been my aspiration to make it in life and to become an influential figure in society by changing the world, having come from a humble beginning. My dream career has been to work in the teaching profession, as an elementary teacher. I plan to attend college, so as to gain the necessary skills that are required for one to become an elementary school teacher. Besides, being an elementary teacher, I aspire to head a school someday, because this has been my passion. I plan on excelling in all areas of study, including the social life. I live in a small community, on a small farm, and my parents work on the farm.

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Teaching has always been a part of my interests since I was young. I always wanted to become a teacher because I want to change the teaching profession, in the process helping children gain more knowledge that will be of importance in their future life. I believe I possess all the qualities that are required by a teacher. I am a hard worker having excelled in my high school grades. I have also in times helped my parents on the farm, so as to earn more that will be used to feed and take care of my family. I have come to relate to others, both in school and in the community. I have also been privileged to counsel children in my community, and this has helped me improve my communication and interpersonal skills.

I believe that service to others is imperative. Regarding this, I have been involved in community projects. Some of the projects that I have participated in is cleaning, the collection of garbage, and peer counseling. As a teacher, I believe that one should not only teach, but also guide the students through their school life. In respect to this, I become a part of the community team that was involved in counseling the young lads. Being involved in these tasks has helped in acquiring the will of helping others. Being an active member of the society, I was crowned the homecoming queen. If awarded the scholarship, I promise to continue serving the community. I would like to continue creating awareness on garbage disposal in the college I join. My work schedule will be well planned so as to cater for social life, school work, and community service. I will ensure that charity work will not interfere with my college education. I am a go-getter, and I believe in achieving my dream of becoming an elementary school teacher.

Being awarded this scholarship will change my life and that of my family tremendously. Since my parents do not have the capabilities to fund me through to college, this scholarship will come as a relief to them. I will also be able to meet my career goals of becoming an elementary teacher, which has always been my childhood dream. From my college education, I will also be able to secure a better job, which will change the lives of my family and that of my community. I promise not to waste the opportunity given if awarded the scholarship. I will work hard and pass in my college education. Above all, I will make sure to maintain the reputation of your organization for the good work of helping the needy students excel in life.

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