My Experience of Getting Job in the Job Fair

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Have you ever tried to get a job? How many felt they just were not good enough for the company? Many people believe that filling out applications in person or online and a job interview are a great way to go, but others could argue there is a different route to take. While this technique may work for some people, not everybody has the time to sit and wait for the possibility they did or did not get the job. Neither of these techniques seems to help quite a few of us. Gaining experiences, instant job opportunities, market their skills set are the many reason for attending a career fair.

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Just recently I have been to a career fair here at Clark Atlanta University, and was offered a couple of internship opportunities from Georgia Lottery, and Federal Reserve Bank of Kanas. The internships were for the field of accounting which is what I am majoring in at Clark Atlanta University. In colleges, job fairs are commonly used for entry-level job recruitment. Job seekers use this opportunity to meet with college students looking for jobs. Students go to career fair in attempt to stand out from other people and get an overview of what it is like to work for a company or a sector that seem interesting to them. If the company representative likes what they see and what is on the applicants resume, they can hire the person on the spot. As a final note, it is ok to be nervous, yet try to do well in the interview part. However, the event in reality was not quite like I expected it to be. It seemed like nothing really depended on you. All we had to do is show up, sign in, and give the resume and a 5- minute interview to the representative of the company that we chose. As for the representative they had the air that what they were doing was just a formality required from them.

Nonetheless, Career Fairs help AUC students to gain experience so students would know how to behave at a job interview. Another skill that college students can gain is networking with the companies to establish important contacts. The skill of networking also helps students when they establish their career and when there are promotions at their job, or when they are ready to move to get a different job. Employers, companys representatives and other participants of this event give AUC students tools that can be used later on in life or a future employment. Being a participant of this event people should know the proper questions to ask the interviewer; for example: What types of positions or internships are open? or When and where will the job take place? Overall the career fair is a tremendous experience and as a result of it AUC students know what skills they need and what skills are not necessary. Beside the skill of networking one of the most necessary skills is the skill to make a positive impression during the interview. To achieve that the person should follow the dress-code in the first place, be honest and prepared for the interview with the certain companys representative. Being ready for the interview means finding out some background information about what the company does. Another important skill that I learnt is important is writing a good resume which would encourage the human resources to appoint a job interview with you. As a final point, make sure not to put any ridiculous skill sets on your resume there and keep it short and simple.

College students should go to career fairs because they get to market themselves and it helps companies find what they are looking for. Before students go they should create a detail inventory of their work history, education, and abilities in the form of a resume and a cover letter. Do not forget that potential employers are not actually interested in the students skillsthey are interested in how those skills can help them meet their needs. Even though there may not be companies that catch a persons eyes, people still should go up to one and market themselves since they never know what they might like about that company. Career fairs are not just for the company, but for the student to find out what skill set they need to improve or to gain. When people do not go the job fair and hunt for a job online, it is very hard to show their skills only in your resume. In addition to that, participating in a job fair simplifies and shortens the interview process: here you can have that immediately after seeing the company that you would like to work for. Moreover, sometimes it is difficult to understand what the company is really doing from its online announcement, while being at a job fair you can ask as many questions as you need to obtain the desired information.

To sum it up, not every job fair is boring and stuffy. Job fair really helps to get that one foot into the door and stay one step ahead of the competition. Even if you end up not being hired by any company you will get priceless experience and valuable skills which can play the key-role in your future employment. The most important thing to do for the job fair to be useful for you is get ready compose a consistent attractive resume, find some information about the companies in the fair and get a nice formal suit. Finally, just remember to be you, confident, and above all amazing.

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