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According to Nash (2015, p105), the importance of planning is to provide direction and purpose. As such, the absence of planning is a recipe for failure. Through planning, I have been able to achieve several goals that I have set. Additionally, I have gauged my progress by the use of action plans. Further, planning has given me direction on the path that I should take to achieve my goals. I have avoided any wasteful activities as my actions have been directed towards the achievement of my set goals.

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Planning has proved to be a very important tool in my life. Since the moment I started having a personal development plan (PPDP), I have been able to achieve so much within specific timelines. The experience of completing a PPDP ha greatly changed the way I think about my goals. In this regard, I have been able to present a clear statement of the goals that I intend to achieve and worked out the way to attain them (Koch, and Nafziger, 2011, p213). Specifically, I became aware that I should have been more specific with my goals. In this regard, I should have narrowed down my goals to small areas so that I can appreciate every success and achievement that I make. For instance, in my quest for success in MBA, I should have stated the specific units of the MBA that I intended to succeed in instead of generalizing the whole program. This way I would have gauged my success or failure in that particular specific area of study.

The reading of novels and articles were very important in the achievement of my set objectives and aspirations. In this regards, the articles provided motivation and encouragement as I worked towards my set goals. Additionally, sharing my progress with my friends enabled me to get an honest opinion on my progress. From the experience of my friends feedback and information from the articles that I read, I realized that small achievements should be celebrated as they take efforts. Any compliment that came from my group and other mentors should have been celebrated, as it was a huge step towards the achievement of my goals. At every step of the action plan I should gauge whether I have achieved or not and take measures that will ensure that I perform the next action better than the previous.

It is very important for a leader to set goals, plan actions, and reflect on progress toward goals. Alice in wonderland stated, If you do not know where you are going, any road will take you there. This line has been the case for many organizations and their leaders. According to Sinnema, and Robinson (2012, p135), the failure to clearly outline the goals and objectives of the company leads to stagnation. It is important for people who are in leadership position to provide a framework on the short and long-term plans for the company. Specifically, they should set the fiscal goals, which state the fiscal position that they want to be at the end of the year. Nash (2015, p109) opines that A leader who has goals is focused on the achievement of those. I feel that it is important to accomplish my goals with the help of a network of people. This is because of the different opinions that they will provide. In this regard, from their compliments and evaluations, I will be able to get a diverse opinion on my progress. This way I will be certain of my progress if the network of people opine the same way on a certain matter. Concisely, this aspect of evaluation and compliment is important for my fair judgment.

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