The Significance of Civic Responsibility to My Career Plan

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The motivation to pursue a career in pharmacy dates back to the childhood days. An incident in my native Nigeria provoked the desire to interrogate the then mysteries in the pharmaceutical world. My brother was ill and therefore required medication. I was dispatched to a nearby pharmacy to buy drugs. The experiences at the drugs store and the apparent mysterious recovery of my brother after taking the drugs changed the dimension of my academic goals. Notably, there was poor customer service at the drugs store as the pharmacists showed little care to the clients. In the same breadth, the queue was long due to understaffing and alternative stores were not available within the vicinity. Such scenarios sparked a desire to find a solution that would improve the lives of the local communities. Also, the quick recuperation of my brother upon taking the drugs caused me to pursue the curiosity on the interactions of the body and drugs.

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The career journey began when I enrolled for elementary education in Nigeria at the age of nine. I underwent through my high school studies in the country, taking a keen interest in biological sciences which I studied hard in order to understand anatomic concepts and basic chemical reactions in our bodies. Upon relocating to the United States, I enrolled for a nursing assistant program and became a New York State Certified Nursing Assistant after successful qualification. The intention to enroll for the program was to satisfy the urge to devote my energy towards caring of people and reducing the suffering of humanity. It was an expression of my character that calls me to make a contribution to the well-being and happiness of people. After receiving the mentioned certification, I secured a job at Fieldston Lodge Care Centre, Bronx New York where I spent most of my time caring for residents and responding to their various nursing needs.

In January 2012, I enrolled at Medgar Evers College and majored in biology. The decision was motivated by the avid interest in the functioning of the human body and its responses to drugs. Most importantly, I needed a stronger foundation on biological sciences since the ultimate goal was to become a pharmacist. As biology major, I took several microbiology lessons where I learned about Polio, its effects, and efforts taken to eradicate the disease, especially in developing nations. It also exposed me to a variety of things within the human body such as the bodys natural response to antigens and also how the antigens evade natural immune response. To increase my level of medical exposures, I took an internship at Wright State University Ohio in the summer of 2014.I worked with Dr Yong Jie Xu on a project involving the sensitivity of lem2 mutant to hydroxyl-urea that induces DNA replication stress caused by a defect in checkpoint signaling. In the summer of 2015, I spent another internship at the John Hopkins University under the guidance of Dr. Arthur Burnett. My project was on testosterone effect on molecular signaling in the penis of sickle cell mice. With Dr Burnett, We sought to increase intra-testicular testosterone in sickle cell mice using TSPO ligand without affecting the luteinizing hormone in the hypothalamus gland. These research projects greatly opened my eyes on the significance of pills to humans.

It is my sincere hope that the selecting committee would consider this application and make a positive determination. The ultimate goal is to use my wide experiences and Doctorate degree in Pharmacy to help suffering individuals in the communities. Hopefully, the program would equip me with appropriate training and experiences needed to become an accomplished pharmacist. Also, I would like to use the training to equip myself with the right skills of handling patients and customers; a deficit prevalent in many Nigerian pharmacy outlets. I hope to hear from you soon.

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