Military or Military Aviation: What is the Difference

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When people talk about the security of their country, most of them are not aware of the differences between internal and external security. However, they know that there are men and women who protect them from foreign invasion. In this regard, according to, (2016), a military is a body that is concerned with the defense of the country against the invasion of external enemies. These enemies can be: either another neighboring countrys troops, or troops from another far country who are not welcomed in the country of invasion. As a result, the military is responsible for security against foreign invasion. This should be differentiated from the police who are responsible for the internal security of a country.

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Notably, the military (armed forces) are composed of mainly three arms, the army, the airforce and the navy (, 2016). The army is the unit in the military that fights from the ground. As such, they ensure that the country is not attacked by other troops from the borders on land. The airforce, on the other hand, is the unit that secures a country from the air (sky). As such, they always fly around the countrys borders to ensure that the country is not attacked from above. The last wing of the military is the navy. This wing of the military secures the country from the waters. This is especially the case for the countries that border seas and oceans and where they can be attacked via those channels. However, it is important to note that the word military has been misused to refer to the land forces- the army. Although the military originally meant the armed forces, it has now broadened to refer to the whole body of the armed forces.

Military aviation is the use of military aircrafts such as the bombers, fighters, Fighter-bombers, Spotter planes, transports, patrol aircraft, and trainers in the defense of a country from the sky (Mola, 2016). Additionally, it involves the use of reconnaissance and observation aircrafts, which ensure that they abort any attack from the sky. Apart from fighting an enemy from the air, military aviation includes the aircrafts that carry cargo as well as other replenishments and takes them to the soldiers of the army and navy on the ground and who needs their support. As such, the work of military aviation is to provide logistical supply to the other military that are along a front in a combat. From the definition of the two terms, military and military aviation, several differences and commonalities can be deduced. The following paragraphs will provide a detailed analysis of the differences and similarities between the military and the military aviation.

The first difference between the military and military aviation is on their area of operation. In this regard, the military consists of the air, land and water forces that guard the country. As such, according to (2016), they face the enemy from the mountains and valleys, sky and waters. Most of the military soldiers use military cars, boats and other armored vehicles in the case of a combat- They are the defense forces. Military aviation on the other hand consists of the many types of military aircrafts that used to defend the country from the sky. As such, they use the air to do surveillance incase of any threat to the borders of the country (Mola, 2016). Therefore, one of the differences between the two is that the military operates from three fronts while the military aviation operates from the sky using aircrafts. On this point, it is also important to point out the equipment that two units use. In the case of the military, armored vehicles, aircrafts and boats are used to patrol the borders of the country. However, in the case of the military aviation, only military aircrafts are used to patrol the borders from the sky. Specifically, the military is the whole unit of the armed forces while the military aviation is the airforce.

One can also note the difference between the military and the military aviation from the efficiency of their operations. In this regard, the other two branches of the military are not as quick in surveillance as the military aviation aircrafts. As such, one is more efficient than the other although the serve the same purposes (Mola, 2016). In the case of the military, they rely on the military aviation aircrafts on any information about any threat of invasion by an external enemy. As such, it is very difficult for the military land and water forces to work without the assistance of the military aviation aircrafts. Further, the military aviation aircrafts are able to provide emergency services to the country in case of an attack while the army must be transported either by military aircrafts or by road. Moreover, military aviation aircrafts can provide cover for soldiers on land as well as for those in the waters. In this case, they act as surveillance for the other branches of the armed forces. This, therefore, underscores the number of duties that the military aviation is tasked with. As such, it not only fights from the sky but also provides cover for the navy and the army.

On similarities, the military and military aviation are one and the same- the armed forces of the country. As such, they are responsible for the maintenance of the external security of the country. Although they do this on different platforms, their aim is the same; to guard the country from external aggression. Additionally, despite one being a smaller unit of the other, the two work in unison. In this regard, the army and the navy require the services of the military aviation aircraft so that they are not ambushed. Precisely, the major similarity in these two is that; they are aimed at securing the country and that they work as a team in the execution of their mandates.

In conclusion, the military is a body of the national security that is tasked with guarding the country from any external invasion. As such, the military consists of the army, the navy and the air force. Most commonly, the military is termed as the armed forces of a country. Further, the military is allowed to use force in its execution of their duties. The military aviation, on the other hand, is a branch of the military that deals with attacking or defending the country from the sky. As such, it is part of the airforce that consists of military aircrafts. The difference between the two is that while one is broad, the other is a branch of the broad one. However, the two enjoy some similarities. In this regard, the military and the military aviation are concerned with ensuring that the country is secure from any external invasions. Further, they work hand in hand in the maintenance of border security.

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