Learning from the Motherboard

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As a child, I was fascinated by the technology around me. I was privileged to have access to advanced technology largely because of my parents. They earned a living working in the technology industry in one way or another. However, my love for technology was specific. I grew more interested in the computer in comparison to other technological hardware at our home. This became apparent by the fact that I would open up the computers chassis and reveal the intricate interior. I would remove the detachable elements leaving behind the motherboard. I would repeat this severally before re-attaching the elements and testing the system to see if it worked. This experience, followed up by a series of experiences with both computer hardware and software resulted in my interest in computer engineering.

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My father was often involved in the repair of computer hardware, which exposed me to the world of computer engineering at a tender age. Therefore, it became increasingly interesting for me to explore anything and everything pertaining the computers hardware. I was able to inspect each aspect of the motherboard and its individual components. For instance, I was often involved in the process of replacing both the RAM and the processors. All I knew at the time was that this increased the performance of the computer. Despite the intricate knowledge on how the improvements in question were individually achieved, I increasingly became interested in knowing more. One of the things that increased my need for knowing more was the suggestion by my father that the processor was basically the computers brain. He suggested this information after my incessant question regarding its purpose.

I was slowly coming to the realization that there is more involved in the way a computer works. It was at home that realized that the hardware required software, specifically firmware, which enabled the computer to function. Without the firmware, the computer could not function effectively. The most basic operation of a computer, which is to boot up, is highly dependable on the pre-installed firmware that guides it through the different processes that complete the booting process. However, this information was not readily available in the home or business premises. It was also during this period that I began gaining interest in research via internet. The search for information to quench my thirst for knowledge regarding both the software and hardware of the computer introduced me to the networking world of computing.

Computer networks are arguably the most important element of modern computing. This is because the computer networks are responsible for the internet businesses that have changed the way people interact and operate their businesses. The internet was my core source of information that would help me in understanding both the firmware and hardware that enable the motherboard of the computer to interact. It was at middle school that I came to the realization that the processor was a deciding core of the computer. The processor would decide which processes to be analyzed and thus provide feedback regarding the said processes. It was through this phase of learning that I stumbled on information that suggested that computers could think together over a network. Unknown to me, this was my introduction to cloud computing.

The ability of more than one computer to work together with the aim of generating one result fascinated my young mind. I gathered the information needed to learn the skills needed to implement such a network. After getting the information in question, I was able to use three computers that formed a virtual computing network while in high school. However, I quickly came to the realization that I needed firsthand training in the field of computer engineering. I needed to interact with experienced individuals with exemplary skills in the field of computer engineering. This would provide me with the opportunity to ask questions, and learn from more experienced individuals. It would also expose me to new information that would serve to improve my skills in this field. Therefore, it slowly became my chief aim to enroll in a prestigious education center that focuses on computer engineering.

My first teachers in the field of computer engineering were my parents and friends. Their influence towards my interest in the field was both immense and crucial. This is because they were there to answer my questions whenever I asked them. Whenever they were not able to answer my questions, they would refer me to other individuals who would guide me through my inquisitive yet realistic conundrums. The amazement and wonder on the faces of those tasked with teaching me war evidence of their confusion. I was raising all these questions at very young age. To be precise, I was the age of thirteen when I became increasingly interested in computer engineering. This interest would not fade. In the years to follow, I would create more connections with individuals in this field, and would ultimately practice computer engineering skills to solve both social and individual problems. It is clear to see that my first interaction with a computer motherboard spurred my interest in computers, and thus computer engineering.

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