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To make the development process easy, programs which are used create, debug, maintain or support the development process must be used CITATION Rid12 \l 1033 (Riddle, 2012). However, the development tools vary in ability as some of the tools which have the ability to develop software may not be applicable in the development of the other software. Due to the fact that shopper program is a web based system, the development tools that will be used will be any software that supports web design in Php, SQL and CSS 3.0. The software that has all these capabilities is Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Netbeans, Wampsever, Aptana studio and eclipse. These development tools are used to make coding and the entire development process as easy and as appealing as possible to the developer, these tools also helps in debugging, previewing as well managing the software that is being developed. In addition to easing the work of the developer, the development tools increases the speed of the coding process. All the above mentioned software are free and readily available and therefore will be downloaded and installed before the development process begins. Below is the explanation of each software and the use on the development process.

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Dreamweaver for instance is one of the major development tools that is used to develop various software. It supports platforms such as Windows and Mac operating system which is the most commonly used operating systems in the market today. The Dreamweaver IDE makes the development process easy since the developer is able to see the project as the development process is ongoing. This software allows the developer to test the software or the modules of that particular software during the development process therefore reducing the effort that the developer has to put during the development. By incorporating live view interface, the Dreamweaver IDE enables the developer to make changes as the development process is ongoing; troubleshooting or debugging is also made simple since the software helps the developer by displaying errors and possible solutions. This development tool is widely used by most of the people due to the advantages stated above and therefore will also be used in the development of the Frequent Shopper Program.

Below is the Dreamweaver interface.


The next Software that will be used in the development is Wampsever. This software is efficient developers favorite tool which is used to test Php software and create SQL databases. The development of a database without an aid of software is typically a tough process but WampServer caters for this need. This software is also a local host or local server which will aid the development process by allowing the software to be developed and tested before being uploaded in the server to perform the task that is was meant for. The databases and tables that have been created using other software can also be imported with WampServer.


This is yet another important IDE that is important in the development of a system. It incorporates a lot of features such as local server, debugging tools as well as reducing the effort that a programmer has to put in the design process. This software apart from being available for free is very efficient in development of large system and therefore using it to develop Frequent Shopper program is good decision. This software will be used to test and debug the codes as the process of development is ongoing and in addition help in the development of databases as well as help in the testing process. The software will be downloaded and installed before the development of the system begins since it is freely available online.

System version control

It is important to keep the system updated all the time to cope-up with new emerging trends in technology as well as web design needs. Software becomes obsolete after some time and there is need to update the software to maintain its relevance. To keep the Shopper program efficiently running and relevant, the source code will be checked at all times to ensure that they are in tandem with the new developments in the software version. Updates and removal of bugs will also be done on a regular basis to enable the software to run at its best possible state all the time. However, the process of updating will be focused on removal of bugs and updating the versions of the software that no longer meets the required threshold by the new programming language updates. The system will also be improved to meet the new requirements that may arise such as improving the functionality of the system by adding more modules to the system to meet new customer base or to improve its functionality and quality. Important software version control tools such as Git will also be used to aid the version control process CITATION Loe12 \l 1033 (Loeliger, 2012). Software version control is important as it ensures that the software delivers its required functions without any problems at all time.


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