Customer Relations in Social Media

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Customer Relations in Social Media is an article that seeks to unravel the successes behind use of social media for enhancing a competitive corporate environment. It seeks to explore the wide use of social media by consumers and why they access professional sites. The article further establishes a debate on the effectiveness of the social media sites in building the trust of customers as well as rebuilding broken relations with customers. The specific topic under discussion on Social Media Usage Motives, Expected Responses from Organizations, and Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM) builds on the whole client based experience from the corporate social media sites. The author effectively does this by supplying a sample population of 17,254 US consumers with electronic questionnaires.

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The author did a literature review of several existing pieces of information that sought to explain the trends of social media use and the purposes of use. He then narrowed down to the corporate use of social media and how the clients use the social platforms to address their consumption needs. With this information at hand, the author then developed a quantitative questionnaire selecting the 17,254 respondents as a representation of the American adults. The measures and results were built upon the statistical analysis processes using analysis software such as SPSS for windows.

The article in question is a practical research as it is based on hands on activities that build on a previous theoretical research. Its practicality advances in the collection of data based on online questionnaires. In addition to this, it also exhibits some aspect of theoretical research when the author does peer review of other written literature.

In a bid to attain results, the author puts to practise several research methods. In the initial stages, he uses a qualitative method. A qualitative methodology is whereby the author builds on the topic by exploring views of several authors on the topic at hand. A typical of this is the literature review that heavily forms a base for the article. He then goes ahead to use quantitative technique where we find him exhausting a given number of respondents (17,254) by handing them questionnaires with an intent of statistically quantifying the effect of social media in customer relations.

Likewise, his study also applies correlation analysis method that seeks to score and rank the level of variability of a factor. The article evidently strikes a relationship between the organization and customer interaction on online platforms.

Lastly, he takes a meta-analysis approach. This method explores working in line with previously set assumptions that are aimed at being addressed in the research by the research questions. The author in the article is analysing the data he collected so as to justify his claim on the importance of healthy social media relations as a way of enhancing profits for corporations.

The findings of the study culminate to an immense contribution toward demystifying the need for customer social relations. It goes a long way to add to the existing information the consumer needs that should be addressed by a corporate social site. This has been outlined by the findings of why consumers visit company sites. Nevertheless, it also explores the strategies that should be adopted by organisations to restore trust and adding to this the expectations of the consumer when they feel dissatisfied. Lastly, the study also unveils levels of engagement by customers in predicting positive electronic word of mouth.


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