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I started exhibiting leadership qualities at a prime age. One of the instances where I believe I showcased my leadership knacks was during the second year of my undergraduate studies. While many people think that it is impossible to become a dependable mentor at such an early stage, I never relented since I managed to guide two first year students at Murdoch University. Various attributes are required for an individual to become a capable and dedicated leader. Besides, being a leader calls for having a steadfast personality that cannot be easily swayed. As earlier mentioned, I had two students whom I mentored during their first year of medical school. As their guide, I provided them with reading materials that I had well-maintained. The materials eased their revision and research which I also guided them through to ensure that they benefited maximally. During the reviews, I took the initiative of ensuring that the two students were time conscious and followed the proposed revision program to the letter.

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A profound leader can draw lessons from others. This skill is one that I possessed as I mentored the two young men. As a leader, one must be flexible in the decisions they make since not all are best-suited for dealing with a problem at hand. As I taught the two men how to settle various teething troubles that they may encounter in their first year, they also enlightened me on how I would have handled particular challenges in an expedient manner. I believe that a leader must be in a position to positively acclaim criticism and use it to build on their personality. Some of the personality traits that I possessed and helped me while mentoring the two students include assertiveness and charisma. The attributes allow me to be a character who can be emulated as a role model by others and as well enable me to put across my point of view without aggression but in a routine that shows empathy and consent of other persons.

Proficient and fine-honed communication skills are integral to any successful leader. These skills enable the leader to be a good listener who can elicit information through proper questioning. I have sharpened my communication skills over the years which have aided me to become adept at solving challenges both at the workplace and at home. Good flow of information is vital in enabling the prosperity of any organization, especially in medical facilities. Furthermore, I believe that successful leaders uphold the importance of delegation of tasks. Delegation entails sharing of tasks with others to minimize the occurrence of risks. Leaders who view the practice as a sign of weakness end up failing in their endeavours. I am a strong believer that delegation and efficient communication are essential to being a successful leader. It is my belief that due to my excellent leadership traits, my application will be put into consideration.

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