Current Personal Sense of Power within my Profession

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I can define my sense of authority as a personal objection to offer quality healthcare within my profession. My ultimate objective is therefore to ensure that I promote the profession of nursing by being purposeful, being under the umbrella of the nature of my job, being dependent on the nursing sources that ensure that I better my career, strengthening those who need my service, and also enhancing my level of communication within the nursing profession.

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Strengthening my level of communication is all about ensuring that I have the ability to influences other professionals in my field of operation by properly communicating with them as a way of harnessing power and respect. I maintain direct contact with great professionals and also ensure that I keep at bay my disciplinary profile. In such a manner, I maintain both power and dignity. I can also access true power by making sure that whatever I believe in can strengthen my clients through motivating them. Again, I realize that achieving real power is possible by keeping my knowledge about healthcare concept up-to-date. This is possible through research activities and reading books about situations in my profession.

Self Assessment Report on my Leadership Skills

The self-assessment activity at shows a 75% score on my skills on leadership. The process has given a clear indication that my skills in leadership are above average. Such online assessments are relevant and show an accurate reflection regarding the qualities of a person regarding personal relations.

My Leadership Motivation Assessment

To some extent, I am always energized when people always depend on me for ideas. My take is that, as a leader, you need to ask people very tricky questions to gauge the manner in which they tackle such issues. As a leadership motivator, I also ensure that I complement people in my profession whenever I feel they have done something outstanding. Both in good and bad times, cheerleading always does miracles to my workmates in my experience. Most importantly, leadership motivation is all about teamwork as compared to personal work. However, I don't fancy leadership motivation if it is all about my fellow professionals taking my ideas and fleeing. Whenever there are group projects that need to get accomplished, I find liberty in ensuring that the team works together. However, leadership motivation is not all about being the boss or the coach of the team whenever there are group projects; it is all about sharing ideas and developing solutions together. I always feel happy when members of my team are celebrated for accomplishing their goals. In such situations when we are faced with a project as a team, the problem that a member's faces are other member's problem too. Such a case is because I believe in the power of sharing problems and showing togetherness whenever it is needed most. Also, I fancy being the mediator of solving conflicts in case such cases situations occur. In my view, project solving in professional groups is all about sharing solutions towards rectifying or developing the project. As much as I may need to give my idea, others need to generate theirs too. My thoughts may be better or worse compared to other professional group members' ideas too. I, therefore, don't advocate having my views considered above other members'. However, I will feel good if I can convince other professionals that my idea is better than theirs.


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