Medicine Technology in World Civilization

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Medicine is the most rapidly growing area of expertise. In recent decades, new technologies and scientific discoveries have changed the idea about the body and its diseases and at the same time the approach to the treatment of the whole person.

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Here are some ideas of how would our medicine transform by the year 2030 and what economical, social, political and environmental effects we would have.

Online Consultation is quite common now, although often they are ineffective: for the production of the majority of diagnoses doctor needs to examine the patient in person. Telemedicine works the best in dermatology and radiology. Modern camera phones allow us to make high-quality photos of the area of skin that is having the problem, and to get quality medical care at any time of the day and at night at various international sites.

Shooting EKG, measuring blood and intracranial pressure, carrying out laboratory tests and even sequencing the genome - these all you can do at home. In the foreseeable future the patient using a portable ultrasound device connected to the phone, will make their own survey and send the results to the doctor. The spread of these technologies will lead to the fact that patients will not only be less likely to go to the clinic. Doctors with the help of robots will be able to watch them online without loss in quality.

Whats concerning the social aspect, by improving the quality of food, quality of life and medicine, people of the future will be able to live more than 130-150 years.

Diseases such as AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes and other disappear. Right now many of these terrible diseases are successfully treated, and the further development of individual branches of medicine, such as molecular chemistry, will lead to the final deliverance of mankind from many of today incurable diseases.

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Today, any local therapist if his patient had pharmacogenetics test can prescribe medication to an individual dosage, thus increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of adverse reactions to a minimum. So far, however, there are only a few dozen drugs in the appointment that without knowledge of the patient's genetic characteristics cannot do. Many other drugs are no conclusive scientific evidence, and about some of them may not appear because genes do not always play a key role in their work.

Hospitals will be located not only at the surface but also in orbit. Treatment of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, heart and vascular diseases will be much faster and more efficiently in weightlessness. In addition, the production of ultra-pure drugs orbit will be carried out.

As a result of genetic engineering, there will be symbiotic bacteria in a human body, which will create their own blood and inject their host in the required amount of hormones, analgesics, antibiotics, and so on.

Now, as you can see, the development of medicine would inevitably affect the whole human life, in all the aspects. Nevertheless, the future of medical practice, no matter how surprising it may seem, quickly becomes a true almost everywhere - even in the most remote areas of the planet. In order to do this, we just need the internet connection and the desire to live.

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