A Proposal on How to Dispose of Company Computers

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Our company has decided to replace all the current 500 computers with newer, more advanced machines. This is because the computer no longer feels efficient, compared to newly developed machines which also carry more advantages. However, how to dispose them effectively is a question that all members of the company are challenged. Computers are bulky, and they are made of materials which cannot decompose, and thus are a threat to the environment. The purpose of this proposal is to identify possible ways through which the computers can be disposed of, without triggering a negative impact on the environment.

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Current Situation

The problem being experienced by the company is how the computers can be disposed of without causing any environmental effects that may, in turn, affect its image, and even cause legal action against it.

This problem has been caused by the fact that computers are slowly leading towards obsolesce. Advancements in computer design are making other machines more efficient, and thus a preferable option for our company. The problem is also caused by the fact that computers are made from a material that cannot decompose, and thus only throwing them away or burning is not an option.

The effects of this problem are that;

The office space is congested and thus creates an uncomfortable working environment. Employees have to squeeze the new machines on their desks as the old ones are still present;

The company experiences high electrical costs and low productivity as some employees are making use of both the old and new machines. Extra machines give them an opportunity to engage in non-work related activities as they can now multitask;

The work environment appears unprofessional and thus is unappealing to customers.

Project Plan

Main Objective

To successfully dispose of the outdated computers without affecting the environment negatively.

Other Objectives

To decongest the office space and promote a comfortable working environment for employees.

To lower electrical costs by reducing the number of machines which are plugged into sockets.

To increase productivity by eliminating the computers which cause distractions from work.

To create a clean and pleasant work environment which will appeal to customers.

This plan will mainly focus on the main objective, but the minor objectives will also be considered along the way. The plan will work by taking into account the various steps that may be required to meet the set objectives. Eventually, deliverables from the steps will be identified.

Step 1

This step involves conducting research on how a computer can impact the environment if disposed of incorrectly. To achieve this, the materials used to create a computer are identified. These will guide the search as it will make it easier by relating to the environmental effects of similar materials.

The deliverable here is that many environmental effects were noted to be related to the materials used on the computer. For example, since plastic never decays, the computer may ruin the beauty of a landscape (Meyer, El Ella & Young, 2004). Also, if the computer is burned down, the released gas will be harmful as it will contain gases that also affect the ozone layer (Southwood, 2007).

Step 2

This step involves conducting research on how old computers can be disposed of without polluting the environment. To achieve this, the Internet was used to look for similar cases, and how they were responded to. Other companies were also asked about what they do to the old computers once they buy new ones. A reason for these actions is that it is always best to learn from the experience of other companies. The results can be weighed, and specific measures which seem more useful can be adopted.

The deliverable here is that knowledge on how to dispose of computers without causing harm was gained. This is because most of the actions obtained reflected on various ways. First, instead of dumping them and causing pollution, they can be sold at low prices to people who are interested in them (Klein, 2007). Not all are fortunate enough to afford up to date machines. Second, the old computers can be donated to organizations such as childrens homes, which rely solely on the goodwill of others (Southwood, 2007). Lastly, there is an option of recycling by sending them to computer manufacturers (Klein, 2007). Parts of old computers are commonly used in new products to promote cost effectiveness during production.


In conclusion, the identification of possible ways through which the computers can be disposed of, without triggering a negative impact on the environment was successful. This was important as it shed some light on how the company could get rid of the computers while also benefiting other members of the society, and not causing them more harm. By offering free computers to children's home, the company will also gain a good name within the community. The possible actions suggested are cheap, and will not trigger any losses for the enterprise. Instead, profits may be gained in case they are sold to interested parties.


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