Should Uber Be Made Legal In Australia?

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Ladies and gentlemen, wonders will never cease, and developments of technologies are not ending any sooner. With the click of a button, everybody can now get a ride, thanks to Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp for their innovative and creative mind that led to the emergence of Uber technology. Whats more, people can turn their cars into a money generating machine, whenever they want and how they want it, either by transporting packages or giving people a ride when they need it. The question is should we embrace every other technology that comes our way?

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Ladies and gentlemen, I am of the opinion for legalizing Uber in Australia. From both sides of a coin, Uber will benefit both the driver and the passenger. By embracing Uber into our territory, ladies and gentlemen, it will bring competition to our monopolistic taxi industry (McDuling Uber Is Winning Its War with the Taxi Lobby)." Moreover, as we all know the competition will lead to more benefits to consumers, in this case, the passengers. The taxi industry in our country, ladies, and gentlemen will also improve their services to the counter and react to the action of Uber ridesharing services. Eventually, the country will experience first-class logistic fabric, particularly around the cities and metropolitan areas.

First of all, Uber charges lower prices than the normal taxis while paying their drivers higher than the normal taxi could be paid (Hull, "Australia Should Follow The ACT On Legalising Uber.)" Considering the significantly large number of drivers that the Uber is hiring and its ability to use the mobile app to reach many people, then it is likely that many people will enjoy improved services at fair prices, and many others will benefit eking a living at their comfort. Additionally, ladies and gentlemen, Uber share a ride service has agreed that their drivers will now pay a $150 license fee per annum to the government as a sign of assurance of quality services (Burrell "WA next To Legalize Uber.)" Will that not contribute to the economic growth and development of our country?

How about the efficiency of Uber ride-sharing service? Imagine this dear listener. You are in your house and the whole place outside is covered by snow. You do now have any taxi driver contact, but you have to travel. Will you have to walk in the snow to get to your taxi driver? With Uber services, no one needs to possess any taxi driver contact. All that we need is our smartphone and with it, we can download the Uber app. In a flash of a moment, we can connect to the Uber services and a nearby Uber driver will be directed to our homes and with full details of our transportation requirements including our targeted destination. Truly, Uber services will save us time, and its effectiveness is incomparable.

Most of the times ladies and gentlemen, we risk by trusting the taxi drivers we have never met, neither do we know who they are or whether they have the expected purpose of giving transportation services. With Uber services, all the drivers are registered, and their legit details are accessible from the Uber website database ("Uber Makes Scathing Remarks about Taxis.)" Prior to taking any Uber transportation services, the customer is provided with the name of the driver and the car details. These are important because they reassure the customer that in the case of anything, they have someone who can be followed up. At least, there is a trail of someone who can take responsibility in the event of any losses. The security is guaranteed because the drivers are aware the customers have all their details.

Legalizing Uber in Australia will encourage other new technologies to come up. Considering that we are in the era of technology, ladies, and gentlemen, it is paramount to embrace the technology that will take us to the next level of advancement. By embracing new technology and modifying it to suit our needs, culture and regulations, I believe that we will motivate new talents and potential mind to produce better technologies for the future problem solving.

One critical problem with the Uber technology that needs to be looked at ladies and gentlemen is the fact that the Uber drivers are contractors and not employees (Code, "Uberx Legalized in NSW, and Taxi Drivers to Be Compensated.)" This is significant as it raises concerns about the future of their work. A contract can be terminated anytime without much compensation. In such cases, ladies and gentlemen, the driver and his/her family can experience difficulties in coping with the drastically changing economic status.

In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to encourage us to be open-minded by accepting that which can take our economy to the next level of development. After a thorough weigh of the Uber ride-sharing and the normal taxis in Australia, I believe that legalizing Uber will improve our logistic industry by encouraging competition for the monopolistic taxi industry. Also, the other transportation networks will be challenged to adopt similar technologies to make transportation easier, cheaper and efficient. Lastly, I would like to conclude by giving a vote of thanks to all of you for listening.

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