Introduction and Strategic Analysis: DreamWorld in Theme Park

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DreamWorld is an Australian theme park located in Queensland. As an epic adventure site, it is the largest theme park in Australia facilitated with enormous attractions and over forty rides. The park has over two hundred amusement facilities for its clients and guests. It caters for all age groups leisure requirements and its facilities ranges from family resorts, hotels, golf courses and exclusive events. DreamWorld hotel, resort, and golf course provide guests with comforts of their choice. The amenities range from family entertainment, water recreation, dining and family entertainment. The luxurious and modern chalet hotels offer appealing accommodation services similar to those of five-star hotels. The accommodation is comfortable, pleasant and gives guests unforgettable experiences (, 2015). Whether the event is an intimate gathering, a national day celebration or a high-profile one, DreamWorld accommodates a wide scope of exclusive events for its guests.

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The management of the theme park is facilitated by the modern market trends heightening its market competitiveness. The enormous achievements and success have been founded on the 210 acres of land it occupies and the continuity of the management in offering a rich history. The merchandise shops offer souvenirs that impersonate the Australian history and rich cultures. Many food outlets are available to serve Guests and clients as they explore the park. Theme lands situated in the park possess animal exhibits, rides, and food stores. Some of the themes that can be identified include; The Dream Works, Tiger Island, Wiggles World, Big 9 thrill rides, Rocky Hollow and Corroboree (, 2015).

The park has developed its facilities and expanded its services by opening the WhiteWater World. DreamWorld has on various occasions remained operational even at night. One of the occasions, Scream World, offers thrill rides as well as children's' rides. Dreamworld has housed Big Brother Australia since the construction of its Amphitheatre. It has also expanded the wildlife services by operating even in the after-hours in Sunset Safaris.



DreamWorld Park has experienced various challenges in its business operations. For instance, seasonal fluctuations in the number of tourists who visit the park is one challenge. This is caused by changes in the weather patterns such as cold winter season, which brings about a drastic shift in the number of tourists visiting the park. Environmental conservation measures are also crucial in the running of the parks businesses; therefore, it has remained a challenge in terms of pollution as well as environmental degradation challenges that have continuously affected business operations.

The other setback is poor management in the projects and ideas development department. This is evident through the multiple demolitions, attraction closures, and replacements in the park. For instance, some facilities, such as the Thunderbolt, were destroyed completely and purchased for scrap metal in 2004. In 2005, Skylink Chairlift was closed. The Skylink offered a connection between the Australian Wildlife Experience and Gold Rush Country. Another facility, the Gum Tree Gully, closed to provide an opportunity for the first global Wiggles World. In the effort to provide more water attractions in the park, the Blue Lagoon was shut down so as to be replaced by the Whitewater World complex. Other facilities like the Eureka Mountain Mine Ride was closed down and became dormant but remain standing.

Strengths and Opportunities

The organization enjoys many esteemed opportunities. This favorable combination of circumstances places the business entity above most competitors in the industry (Kotler, Bowen &Makens, 2006). For instance, the company has good cultural practices, in the manner through which the service provider interacts with the customers. One potential opportunity among the key construct of competitiveness is the experience of performance. The organization also takes pleasance from its product uniqueness. Singularity is observed in the Tiger Island where tigers, some of the rare species, have been reared. This makes the park a global tourist attraction site.

Overview of DreamWorks Experience

From a general overview of DreamWorks Experience settings, this themed land is one of its kind. The environment does not only depict highly thought-through architectural designing but also influences a sense of naturalism and realism when interacting with diverse virtual worlds. The reputation of DreamWorks is well represented by this themed precinct. The design of the area creates an atmosphere that enables guests to wander through space freely. Importantly, it makes them feel as if they exist in their favorite Animation films, produced by DreamWorld.

Guest services, as rendered by the different departmental employee, are also good. The employees depict good cultural and social interaction norms. The mannerism and style in which they interact with guest shows focus on courtesy and hospitality standards. According to the CEO, DreamWorks management ensures that services provided by any member of the organization must always be of the highest quality. Any business entity that endeavors to be successful must always deploy substantial inputs to the development of the human workforce. Such includes, but not limited to, employee training, reimbursements, promotions, and respect. Dreamworld has gone an extra mile in performance within this construct. The employees work with the spirited mind. According to the CEO, employees quality enhancement in DreamWorks experience is acquired via a special strategy. This is, making all personnel's feel, not only as part of the team but also as though they owned entity.

The entire DreamWorks's experience area is efficiently made accessible. This is enhanced by a well-designed signage system. Conspicuous signs and Structures are strategically positioned to ensure convenience and safety. In such, Guest requires minimum assistance when touring the environment.

For instance, an epic tour in the DreamWorks Experience begins at a well-decorated entrance. Madagascar Madness is the next realism enhancing scenario. Guests have to cross a bridge before accessing this area. In Madagascar Madness, characters of the film Madagascar are made vivid in their virtual habitat. For instance, penguins appear to be on a jungle mission. The chimps hang from the overgrown vegetation of the jungle. On the other hand, King Julien is displayed with ruling attributes in action.

Recommendation for improvement (A Reflection on the World Today)

When touring the area, it can be noticed that there are some concerns that the organization needs to address for realizing a prosperous business endeavor in the 21st century. Therefore, some of the recommendations include;

More inputs need to be deployed to facilitate adequate dust points (Kotler, Bowen, &Makens, 2006).

Language barrier is also another problem. More tour guides should be employed to meet the demand adequately

. Alternatively, training resources should be mobilized with the aim of solving the consumer-producer interaction barrier (Kotler, Bowen, &Makens, 2006).

DreamWorks experience offers a wide range of diversified product. Like in most business entities, Product at DreamWorks experience can be categorized into different levels of a Product model. These include Core Product, Supporting Products, and Augmented Product (Shoemaker, Lewis &Yesawich, 2007).

Core Product

This is the fundamental level in the Product model. To understand the concept of Core Products, one needs to ask the question "What exactly is the customer buying. A Core Product is the problem-solving aspect or rather a benefit of service that the consumer considers most valuable. DreamWorks experience has several core products at its disposal. The most apparent are Aspirations and reality. Aspirations is the desire to cherish over an achievement. It is the dream come true element. DreamWorks experience is a dream come true entity. It makes what is theoretically established in animation films emerge real.

For instance, the picture below shows a group of guests enjoying a photo session with a statue of a famous character in the film Shrek. Shrek is an animated motion picture that gained a significant amount of reputation after its publication in 2005. This owed to its esteemed artistic qualities such as humor, creativity, and pragmatism of characterization. The realism of these elements, as depicted in the statue, makes quests, mostly children, love the whole touring experience.

Supporting Products

As the name suggests, Supporting products can be viewed as services or goods which a consumer benefits from, often free of charge, after purchasing or using a given core product. Simply put that supporting products increase the worth or value of a core product. More often than not, Supporting products are the center for competitive advantage (Conrady, Buck & ITB, 2007) DreamWorks experience makes use of this prospect to attract more clients. One apparent Supporting product was a provision of free complimentary newspapers. Some of the guest Parents were seen enjoying this service as they watched over their children. One of the best supporting products that people take advantage of was the free Wi-Fi internet connection all over DreamWorks experience vicinity. For example, in the photo below, a young girl is seen enjoying the free internet to with her mobile gadget. Other diverse supporting services include tour guide assistance, concierge service, 24-hour room service and gymnastic complex.

Augmented product

An Augmented product can be defined as the combination of both core products and the quality through which the service or product is rendered. It constitutes the nature of satisfaction under which a service is delivered. For instance, the appealing appearances, unique designs, and decorations, as evident in the image below, are part of augmented product offered at DreamWorks experience. Moreover, the area cultures active participation of customer, accessibility and a suitable social interaction atmosphere (Middleto & Clarke, 2001).


Children will be very happy to meet their favorite characters in the Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon by visiting the DreamWorks Experience and more particularly the Sands Cotai Central's Paradise Gardens. Additionally, DreamWorks Experience has a variety of opportunities for both the youths and the parents to have fun with their little ones. DreamWorks customized cakes for birthday acts as an icing on the cake. Having family fun days has become a norm in the world today, and people from different geographical locations find attractiveness in such events. Visitors from different places of the world make occasional or seasonal trips to the parks and gardens. Not only from the Australian surroundings but also from other parts of the globe such as Africa, North America, and Europe. The Centre also provides lavish facilities for the guest coming from far places at affordable rates exclusively to all (, 2015). DreamWorks Experience on its setting, being an overall package catering for all persons, it experiences marvelous attention. The business has been in close connection with many films (like those mentioned above). The movies industry, especially having some focus directed to the children is fundamental in partially determining present and future market of the Dream World.

Dream World exists in a complex set of an operational atmosphere. Numerous competition in the field will perhaps has already compelled the enterprise to engage continuo...

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