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The exhibition was exciting as long queues of students thronged the entire area. Everyone that understood the essence and interpretation of the artwork could be seen enjoying the Mexican art brought in town. Those new to art got every important assistance they needed to learn. It was like Mexico in Dallas on this particular day. Descriptions from the art owners could be seen on the way they expressed by their body postures and movement. The art owners were very friendly in the way they took both the praises and criticism making it one of the best art gallery I have attended in a long haul.Juchitan River (Rio Juchitan), 19531955, Diego Rivera oil on canvas on wood, Mexico. Especially describe the culture of this particular group of people whose painting represents a black family. There is a peaceful coexistence among the habitats and the way they conduct themselves displays that they are especially living in harmony with one another as everyone is seen to be actively engaged in whatever they are doing. The natural resources are shared equally among all the members of this group of people. The two smartly dressed gentlemen maybe the father and the son are seen to disagree with something. The father seems to try in this case to direct the boy to follow in the other direction while the kid seems to be occupied with his agendas on the other end.

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Frida Kahlo 1939 oil painting The Two Fridas.This was meaningful to me as the two individuals portray a symbol of oneness in the society. The two seem to be twins seen in their indisputable resemblance. In a close look, there is a tiny tube connecting to both their hearts which explains the hidden connection that human beings have. Joining hands further shows the deep affection portrayed in physical, the heart to heart connections that we have with one another. The way we can relate with one another is highly depicted here showing that it all starts within and spills to the outside.

Canvas is another of the likable paintings I came across. The background is of different individuals mostly in a chaotic expression displaying the various phases in a given society. The main picture is a woman who brings out an intense personality of someone who stands out. She is confident explaining how deeply rooted in the knowledge of here being. The confidence in her pose, the firmness on her face shows that she has a strong feeling of her place and firmly understands that. The central theme of the exhibition is of Mexican origin. Painting is the mode of the artwork entailing liquid paint that was used because of the material on which it was done on. Also the clarity it brings out shows it could be possible only by using paint in place of drawing. Also, the harmony brought about by the different colors to achieve contrast between foreground, and the rear background brings the theme into a related level of explanation of the pictures. This describes black society and how they live whose culture cannot be missed. The man taking a rest under the shed the displays a peaceful coexistence of the beauty of nature he seems to be captivated in. The women in the flowing river show a way they relate to their lives. Their role as black women speaks out for itself, tending to laundry as well as bathing her child. Another man has recreational time through the swimming he is taking. The multipurpose of the water of the river depicts the relevance of water in our lives. Far end there is this gentleman and maybe his son. It seems the man is to be having a bit of conflict. The kind of expression displayed on the older gentleman face shows discontentment as well his hands shows the direction he wants the young boy to follow which is not perceived well. Some level of high energy is seen to be exerted between the two giving a firm explanation of an argument that cannot be solved on the ground of conflicting individuals.

This particular artwork is less captivating because of the nudity brought in the diagram. It is in many ways abusive to the female being. Exposing of the female is away showing the lack of respect and appreciation for the woman. The puppet seems to be a male and what is evident is the fact that it is well covered. The only part of the body not covered is the face. The puppet expression is scaring to the audience communicating disturbing information a state of disgusted surprise.

The background shows that it is either nightfall or early dawn as the environment, also, portrays a serene feeling in the woods among the trees. It is a likable piece the motion of the river the trees and the environment portray the beauty of nature. The way everybody is relating portrays unity and peace among this person which is a very important quality in any setting as it allows growth of all. The riverbanks provide a good environment to relax portrayed by the gentleman under the shade the insects presence also emphasize that. Everybody is minding their businesses without interruption by the other. And because of that, it brings tranquility and beauty of life. Angel Zarraga (1886-1946) Mexican Artist Woman and Puppet 1909 remains the picture I dont like because of the disturbing nature of the picture itself. The nude woman and the seemingly disgusted and surprised puppet reveal something to the viewer. The nudeness paints a picture in the viewer as both seductive and lack of respect to the female. The expression doesnt explain the real feeling of every other woman. In a wide aspect, it portrays the woman as a sex object which may in a broader aspect reflect wrong information to many. The woman in my view would have been exquisite had she been covered to reveal less her body.

In conclusion, all the pieces are works of professional artists with the articulation and blending of the paints is amazing. Bringing out great works of art, the individuals did an incredible task of bringing to life some cultures of certain people, the peaceful coexistence, and tranquility that surrounding natural displays. The beauty of nature, the beauty of the very things which today are diminishing because of our very own practices. How many of natural streams today can we be able to confidently use its water to do some chores without raising an eye?

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