A Problem That Impacts Me as a Fashion Designer - Narrative Essay

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As a fashion designer, I make sure that the kind of dressing that is on the streets and also the people are perceiving that is ethically accepted and well taken in by the people. This is in the position that sustainability is that point whereby the society and the community have accepted, and they are comfortable with the kind of designs that we design and so this makes it easier for the growth of the industry. This helps in the growth of the fashion design industry since the industry produces reputable designs that will be good and acceptable to the society.

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The designs that I produce are in a wide range acceptable in the sense that they cover all the ages from the young ones to the older people and so this makes it so important to me that I can design a fashion that will well suit a customer, this makes it to be in a position to see us being viewed as ethically right to everyone. Since that the designs have been accepted by everyone and seen to be economical, this gives room for growth of the industry and more some. This is in the position that I will be able to research and be in a position to get feedback from clients and also being in a position to incorporate ideas that are being generated by the people in the society.

Despite the fact that I do almost all the designing is done by me, there are setbacks that are encountered during the time off work. One of the biggest problem that is faced by the industry is the effect of the freelancers who have come in the in the industry and are threatening to take over since they dont have the rules that they follow and instead they ruin the rapport that is already in place thus making the reputation that already was built to be dismantled by them coming up with different designs that imitate the already existing ones thus spoiling the already built by the designers in place that follow the rules.

Differing perspectives and values on sustainability

There are different ways in which one will be in a position to view and evaluate a situation at hand and also a situation that is being faced by the industry; there are different perspectives on sustainability that always impact me as a fashion designer. As a designer, most people view fashion designer as people who will at all point be in the position to either make people presentable or not. Fashion designers are also viewed as people who always sit down and try to play around with pieces of clothes trying to come up with a design that will make them just make a sale regardless of the type of design they have made, this, therefore, makes most people try to avoid the fashion designers because of their craftiness that may at times not yield fruits.

The process of making people or the society to be able to accept the kind of work one is doing takes a series of steps and also a series of one doing his or her best so as to be in a position to produce the best design that will be liked by the larger society. This is in the position that one can win the trust of the society by making the best design that will ensure that the sustainability is maintained all through the days and perhaps the years because of the way the society views and takes the design. This perspective is influenced by the fact that the designer comes up with a good design this automatically will make the society be in the position to like it and so this makes it easier for the people to like it and own it.

The day to day dilemmas and problems can also be viewed in a different way so as to be able to use them as a source of information and ideas. Concerning the issue of the rise of the freelancers which has posted a threat to the fashion design industry, this problem can be viewed as a stepping stone so that instead of viewing it as a problem we use them as innovators who will come up with ideas and them the idea developed ethically following all the ethical steps then come up with a design that will be acceptable to everyone in the society.

Design and Emotion Process

Fashion designing is a profession that will require one to be dynamic and flexible in a way that, I am in a position to be able to change and also be in that position to mold and come up with a new design depending on the time and season of that time at the moment. The life expectancy of a design will fully rely on the type of trend that is current and is in the market, the life expectancy of the current design that am working on at the moment will have to be longer than the previous designs that I have ever designed because the design can fit any person of any age, and also the design can be used on any occasion since it is not designed for any specific occasion, on top of that the design will be more affordable to everyone.

Customer satisfaction is my priority, and so this drives me to the point of ensuring that the needs of the customers are met, and they are satisfied. The reaction and feedback from the customers on the product always makes me be in the position to know the quality of the product, and so this kips me on toes in the sense that I can change and make the best for them. This comes in the place where the materials that I use are always the lead in the customer emotions and leads to their point of being able to take the best of the design.


In conclusion, designing is one of the most challenging professions that always kips the designer on toes so that they can be in a position to come up with a design that will be pleasing and also a design that will always be up to date with the trend.

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