Step Brother: Comedy Film by Adam McKay

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Directed by Adam McKay, the comedy film Step Brothers produced in 2008 by Judd Apatow depicts two men Brennan (Ferrell) and Dale (Reilly) who happened to reside together and live as step brothers. Surprisingly, the two men-children' declined leaving their parents home, were reluctant to search for a job and nevertheless did not depend upon their parents Mary Steenburgen and daddy Richard Jenkins. Nancy Huff attended a lecture by Dr. Robert Doback after which he reunited with Robert and the two got married. Their reunion brought together awkward and stubborn Brennan (Ferrell) who happened to be Roberts lazy and stubborn son Dale (John C. Reilly). Ideally, this comic film brings out and extended childish behavior of Reilly and Ferrell who battle out with a rather tensed reality. It goes without saying that, the residing of these two men-children under the same roof with the parents makes the two men to never step out of their childhood.

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From the onset of the film Step Brothers, we get to learn that Brennan Huff is 39 years old while Dale Doback is 40 years. As old as they are, they still reside in their parents home. Since the marriage of Nancy and Robert, Brennan and Dale do not master the art of being independent and leading lives exclusive from their parents. Consequently, they are faced by the challenges of living as adult children which basically includes disliking each other. No matter how much the two boys try to revive their childhood, it seldom works out for them. It is even worse because the two are step brothers. They point fingers on each other and constantly condemn each other on the basis of differentiated lifestyles.

At one instance, Brennan plays Dales drum set and a bawl on the front lawn ensues. What follows next is a week-long grounding and it is certain that they had to look for jobs in order to ensure that they are busy and occupied rest they would be forced out of the house. Derek, Brennans younger brother, pays the family a visit. Upon meeting Brennan and Dale, he rebukes them postulating that their though they had a great role in correcting their lives and rectifying their spoilt behaviors, Nancy and Robert should have been in the forefront in advising them. Unfortunately, Dale punches him on the face and Brannan is awed by the fact that Dale stood up to counter Derek. Dereks wife, Alice, adores Dales courage and the two move on to have a sexual affair. Out of the incident, Brennan and Dale realize that they had a shared interest and the two develop a strong brotherly relationship.

During an interview, Brennan and Dale offend the interviewers especially because of their disrespectful attitudes. When Robert and Nancy unleash of their plan of retiring, they allow Derek to sell the house, and demand that Brennan and Dale attend therapy and find other living arrangements.

When Dale and Brennan finally decided to form prestige worldwide entertainment company, there happens to be a footage of them accidentally wrecking Roberts boat. Robert declines investing and spanks Brennan after a heated verbal exchange between the two.

The announcement of the intention of Robert to divorce Nancy on Christmas day also contributed towards the immaturity and childish behavior of Brennan and Dale. The two boys began blaming each other postulating that one of them was responsible for their parents break up. However, Brennan and Dale finally mature up and become successful. Brennan manages the Catalina Wine Mixer for Dereks company and invites Robert and Nancy. At this point, Robert ultimately encourages Brennan and Dale to be their eccentric child-at-heart selves again. Brennan and Dale take the stage and perform con Te Partiro whose performance moves Derek. Nevertheless, Dale terminates his affair with Alice to her dismay.

What could/should Nancy and Robert have done to stop Brennan and Dale?

Parenting around the world share three major goals including ensuring childrens health and safety, preparing children for life as productive adults as well as transmitting cultural values. The reunion of Robert and Nancy rekindles their relationship with their children. Parents should support their childrens ambitions. Robert and Nancy ought to have encouraged and motivated Brennan and Dale right from a young age and instill in them the seriousness of life. A high-quality parent-child relationship is critical for healthy development. In the film, in the dining room, when Nancy changes the topic during the conversation ketchup and mayonnaise and how Dale dislikes it. Dale proclaims that he was really into kung fu. Brennan postulates that he had a green belt but dale interrupts and says that there should be no ranking for toughness. He postulates that he at one time wrestled a giraffe to the ground with his bare hands but Robert, his dad tells him that it is false and that he was ridiculous. Dale deflatedly got back to his meal.

Parents should foster individuality, self-regulation and self-assertion by being attuned, supportive and acquiescent to childrens special needs and demands. The reason why Brennan and Dale were still living in their parents home despite their grown ages is because Robert and Nancy failed to foster to instill in them the art of self-dependence. The men-children had to learn it the hard way. Lack of motivating them constantly also led to their childish behavior. Robert and Nancy seldom praised them and they thus grew without an encouragement and ego. Parents should motivate their children and contributes towards building the ego of the child as well as emotional intelligence.

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