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Heterosexism may be understood as an attitude in which sexual activities, social arrangements, and heterosexual relationships are viewed as psychologically, biologically, religiously, culturally, or morally ideal, and thus it is regarded to be rightly privileged, and superior over nonheterosexual (Blaszak, & et.al2014). l. Also, heterosexism is described as an attitude in which the separation of gender roles, gender, anatomy, and sex are divided into two discrete categories of female and male (Mohr, 2016). In that regard, it is needed in identifying issues of transgendered, and transsexualism identity. It is referred as influential in the analysis of gender identities and their social roles and assumed to be natural and coherent in social stability and personal identity.

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In such terms, the LBGTQ community consists of the following lesbians, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer, or questioning. All of these are the groups of LBGTQ community who are in for heterosexism (Shaw, 2015). In that case, questioning is preferable to an individual who is not sure about her| his gender or sexual orientation rather than adhering to a label which will never understand his/her feelings. Lesbian is among the LBGTQ community. A lesbian is an individual who identifies herself as a woman who is romantically and sexually attracted to another woman.

The term homosexual was first originated from Greece through Sappho a woman who wrote love poems to males and females, and she became the example of bisexuality. Lesbian refers to the land where Sappho was born (Coleman-Fountain, 2014). Moreover, lesbians have the following labels Stud, Stone Femmes, Stone Butch, Stem, LUG (lesbian until graduation), bisexual, baby dyke, and androgynous. In such terms, in America young people who are growing lesbians face several difficulties such as social ostracism and discrimination (Shearer, & et.al, 2016). Many of the lesbian teens end up being disconnected from their communities, schools, and homes. Therefore, those are the major current issues that lesbians face.


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