What Does Freedom Means to Me?

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Rarely do we think of freedom, we take it for granted and, forget what our forefathers had to go through to realize the level of freedom we enjoy today. When we think of freedom, the first thing that comes to mind is being in a state of incarceration or slavery. A specific definition is a state where most, if not all rights are stripped from an individual. After evaluation of the increasing violence in the world and the different cultures around the world, it is evident that freedom is as important as life.

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Slavery helped build American colonies between the 17th and 18th centuries. Slaves, who were mostly Africans abducted for the purpose of free manual labor were ferried in ships and sold into captivity. The slaves had to work under harsh conditions and were treated like animals. I would not survive a day in the conditions that the slaves lived. Frederick narration shows that he contemplated suicide or an action that would lead to his death (Douglass 94). The hope for freedom kept him alive. This shows that without the hope for freedom, Frederick would have preferred death to a life without freedom.

I appreciate that I am in a peaceful nation. I enjoy the freedom of movement. Travelling is one of my hobbies, and it is dependent on freedom. Syria is an example the nation in turmoil for the last half decade. People have been involuntary to move from their homes and are refugees in other countries. Refugees have restricted opportunities and are dependent on the host nations. Some countries restrict refugee camps. The life of refugees is highly unpredictable as some nations remain unstable for decades. The quality of life enjoyed by the refugees is low and undesirable. The ability to travel freely as a tourist and not a refugee is fulfilling.

We take for granted the right to elect our leaders and at times we ignore the elections. The ability to vote for our leaders through the democratic process is a freedom that we should not ignore. America has evolved democratically to allow the minority and women to participate in politics (Marsico 66). In the last decade, a nation that never thought that a woman could become president has seen a two-term African-American president. This is a significant step towards political freedom. While my friends use the long queues to avoid electing their leaders, I take pride in ensuring that I exercise for this democratic right that my forefathers fought for and vote.

In todays economy, it is impossible to underestimate the value of financial freedom. The tuition fee is high and many students depend on scholarship and student loans to acquire quality tertiary education. Some students fail to get part jobs and end up getting credit cards. The employment opportunities are low, so students graduate with a debt and are unable to pay their debts. It is hard for a young adult to start life with a huge burden. I have avoided advances from credit card companies and have a small part time start-up that I hope will allow me to stay financially free.

The term free-world is used to refer to the nations where the citizens enjoy human rights. It is evident that when people feel that their rights are threatened, they will fight for their freedom. Colonial powers exploited native lands and faced opposition from the natives. Many of the natives paid for their freedom through blood. We should value our freedom and enjoy every second that we are free from oppression.

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