Great Technological Achievements in America

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The technological achievements that are traced to the United States vindicate it as one of the most technologically advanced nations of the present world. From its discovery, America has always championed science and innovation. The learning institutions and technological hubs that are embraced by the government can be attributed to this success (Babcock 2011). Many technological marvels and breakthrough have originated from the United States and cumulatively, they have placed America at the top of todays super powers. Some of the advancement in technology have are listed below.

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One significant technological achievement that firmly placed America among the supreme is the discovery of internet. The invention of the telegraph, the radio and the computer set the stage for the advent of the internet. The internet would later prove to be the game changer as it revolutionized the dissemination of communication and the use of computers. Through the internet, the world has been christened as a global village. It all began with the funding of the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) by the United States Department of Defence and through a group of scientist lead by Robert Kahn (Ryan 2010). It has virtually connected the whole world and it is a way of communicating in real time regardless of distance

Another key technological milestone was achieved when the United States sent the first man into space. With Russia and Germany in the race for space exploration, the United States had to come out atop to cement her role as a technological powerhouse. And indeed, the whole world watched in awe as astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon and raised the American flag on the new celestial body. This was a culmination of sustained technological advancement led by National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the space exploration programme. Eventually, the Apollo 11 would touch down in 1969 on the moon.

The invention of the nuclear reaction equation by physicist Albert Einstein was instrumental in monumental proportions that superseded his noble intentions. His theory of relativity determined that a large amount of energy could be released from a simple matter. This equation will be further used by other scientists to discover that nuclear reactions can be controlled and the advent of nuclear weaponry (Weinberg 1994). America was the first to test this military and eventually bomb Japans Hiroshima and Nagasaki catapulting her to a super power nation. The technology will also be used to provide energy to supplement the already exhausted sources in controlled reactions.


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