Interoffice Memo Report Assignment: Purchasing a Truck

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Class three-four truck applications have raised endless debate concerning which engine works best for them. The engine can be gas or diesel. Many haulers prefer using each of these for reasons well understood by them. However, the diesel engine has proved to be overly advantageous as compared to gas engines. This is because it offers thirty to fifty percent fuel economy. However, gas engines also possess their significant advantages such as maintenance costs and less environmental impact. To understand the extent to which a diesel engine can prove much beneficial when it comes to truck hauling, I shall examine the advantages that come along with purchasing a Ford truck as compared to a Chevrolet truck.

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As the manager I charge of procurement, it is my duty to note when there is a need to procure an item that shall prove useful and profit-making within the business. Of late, we have been experiencing mechanical problems with our old Ford truck. It is important to note that the truck has served us for long. However, over time, the truck has been breaking down continuously. This problem has raised plenty of concerns since the hauling of goods has repeatedly been delayed. We have been able to set aside enough funds to facilitate the procurement of a new truck. However, the question lies with which truck is more favorable between the Ford truck and Chevrolet truck. To answer this question, I have had the time to go through some of the specifications each truck offers. Based on the general knowledge I acquired by going through the related gas engine details, I was able to come up with three criteria I would like to use to support my argument. The three factors include price, sound, and performance.

The gas version of the Ford truck is way cheaper by at least eight thousand five hundred dollars for a brand new Ford truck. When buying a used truck, the difference is even much greater. The kind of truck I propose should only put a range of twenty-five to forty-five percent mpg, which is way better than a Chevrolet gas truck. This factor covers both loaded and unloaded cases. Looking at the time within which the trucks high costs offset extra MPG, it is vital to note that the truck should exhibit these effects after a significant period (Ford global technologies, LLC; patent issued for dual inlet and outlet exhaust gas recirculation cooler for turbocharged engine 2016, pg. 1). Moving on to the trucks performance, the hauling capability of the truck should be way better given that the Chevrolets diesel engine outshines the gas engine (United States automotive 2016, pg. 6). In general, the Ford truck gas engine will outlast the Chevrolet gas engine by at least two hundred thousand miles and even more if it is well maintained. To understand the real potential of the Ford truck, the other way in which one can gauge its reliability is by looking at its comparative diesel engine (United States petroleum and gas 2016, pg. 1). Unlike the gas engine, the trucks diesel engine has a few problems that tend to become quite expensive to fix. Therefore, if one is looking to run a gas engine for five hundred thousand miles plus, the Ford truck is the way to go.

Based on the above information, I, therefore, wish to note that the Ford truck is undoubtedly better priced, fuel economical, and well to perform. Therefore, using this evidence and facts, I wish to recommend the procurement of a Ford truck, if possible, a new one.


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