Good Morning, Vietnam: Film about the War between USA Army Troops and Vietnamese Communists

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Good Morning, Vietnam is a war film set in Saigon in 1965 in Vietnam. The film describes the war between USA army troops and Vietnamese communists. This critique will be from a Vietnam veteran and more specifically from the experiences of Adrian Cronauer, who was assigned to the US Armed Services Radio Station in Vietnam. Adrian does not experience the war in combat but reports it on the news.

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Adrian is impulsive and rebellious to his authorities by playing Rock and Roll music which is against regulation for his show. He continuously challenges the authority by making jokes about the army and the government which annoys his lieutenant and sergeant. He doctors a tape of US Vice President Richard Nixon to make it appear that the Vice President is answering questions about the size of his testicles rather than the Vietnamese people who he regards as small, wrinkled and harmless. His humour makes him a favourite among the soldiers. The movie starts by revealing Adrian as a reckless money spender and a womanizer of sorts. He spots a Vietnamese girl and takes to chasing after her time to time. He follows her an English class and bribes their teacher to let him teach the class. Afterwards, he tries to talk to Trish, after learning her name, but her brother stops him.

He befriends Tuan, Trishs brother, and takes him a bar named Jimmy Wahs for drinks. All this time Adrian remains oblivious to the effects of war, not seeing for himself. There occurs a bombing at Jimmy Wahs later on, and he is saved by Tuan, who calls him out. A few were killed and a dozen injured and he is seen kneeling on the debris in shock while there are soldiers beating onlookers who had gathered. Back at the station, the news which he witnessed is censored to claim that no bomb exploded, and nobody was injured. He reports this news with irony using words such as officially to show his total disregard for authority.

Adrian is suspended following the bombing, but the soldiers want him back. He refuses to go back to work, but when his car is stopped by army men begging him to do one show before they go to fight, he is reminded of his duty. Adrian suggests to do a broadcast of his interviews with the troops and on the way to one of the camps his car is blown up by a mine, but they are saved by Tuan, who learned of the attack and set out after them. His friend Tuan is found to be associated with communists and the bombing of Jimmy Wahs. Being associated with a communist has him discharged of his duties.

Good Morning Vietnam is a movie that seeks to explain what is good from bad. It is hard to discern who the enemy is but the actions of Adrian to the Vietnamese locals are good. He teaches them English and treats Tuan to drinks. The censored news about the bombing paints a bad picture of the war because people are fed misguided news at the expense of the safety of the troops.

The comments of Vice President Richard Nixon about Vietnamese people being small, wrinkled and harmless showed the war was more of a military conquest rather than a war between able parties. The hostilities shown to soldiers by their superiors portrays the bad side of war. The lieutenant and sergeant do not like Adrian because of his disregard for bureaucracy and regulation which his superiors uphold in very strict manner.

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