Achievements of Cesar Chavez

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Human lives and rights have always faced different obstacles when the minority wants them to implement. We can see such events also in the book "Germinal" of a famous writer Emil Zola. The French fight for a better future and are replaced by the Belgian at work. That labor revolution ends with the great losses; people back to the hard work and win nothing. However, Cesar lives later and 20th century gives him an opportunity to have a hope and the better future. Revolutionary understands that violence would not give a real and effective strength to find the right way in such a serious struggle. Therefore, he gathers people and shows them methods to get the human rights, gain support to strengthen their position in further future.

Chavez has very strong women on his side which become a rear in this fight as well as the other men. His wife understands the situation and endures everything as her strong husband and gives him all support she can. The movie catches by its variety of human characters and lives which have a great value and cannot be ignored. The patience runs out and everyone joins the revolution, hopes to give his/her children the life they deserve as the human beings. I am totally captured with a scene where Cesar and other revolutionaries are overpassing the distance of 300 miles and bear this trial, show the government and planters their strong hearts and serious intends, as a result, no one can neglect them anymore ("Fighting for Farm Workers Rights").

Furthermore, Cesar founds NEWA National Farm Workers Association, brings a new point of view and builds relations to give his people better work and resources to have the equal rights with others. Revolutionary sees the struggle as a trial of a dignity and sacrifice, inciting the masses he, first of all, hopes to receive a sincere belief and support from farm workers ("Fighting for Farm Workers Rights"). They are the foundation in this fight and the strength to cope with every obstacle he faces on the way. To my mind, Cesar perceives Mexicans as an inspiration, the light to continue the revolution and behaves himself as a man with an honor. Chavez is proud of his nationality and wishes for a worthy treatment with his people, demands an appropriate behavior from Mexicans and becomes a symbol of a deep hope.

The workers revolution covers other countries and makes people talk about it out loud, concentrates forces and excites the government officials in Europe. The campaign against grape plantations grows and touches more and more people all over the globe. Only a worthy leader can reach such high results, enlist the masses into the strikes and withstand the provocations. However, planters personify themselves as the rude and uncompromising people, bring many problems not only to the Mexicans but also to their wellbeing and families. When a man has no strength to stop and realize he makes mistakes, he has already failed. Cesar has a big heart and knows a human nature that helps to find a common ground with people, enlist the support and strengthen a status. Therefore he becomes a symbol of a courage and unstoppable fighter for human rights.

In conclusion, Chaves reach the point he has dreamed of, with the huge efforts and losses he gains the status that helps him to implement the plans and hopes of farm workers, show the strength of his words. This man is a revolutionary which world has never seen before and he chooses the worthy methods to get what he needs the peculiarity which has to be remembered and used by other leaders to reach such results, bring a piece to the hearts of those, who follow their revolutionaries.

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