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Gender schema can be defined as the theory which children develop psychologically in their mind about what it is to be either a male or a female according to their childhood culture. About this theory, children adjust psychologically to adapt with gender norms and regulations of the culture they are living in. According to this theory, culture is the major influence from which children develop the idea of what it is to be a male or a female. For example, I developed stereotype theory from societal, cultural influence. As I watched my mother cooking frequently, I learned to associate girls with cooking as boys for working. I developed the interest in domestic chores rather than working in the field due to this cultural influence. Consequently, I further developed the perception that females are a weak gender as compared to males thus only male sex should work.

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What it is to be a Male or a Female

From my childhood, my brother often tops our class since my kindergarten. I, therefore, developed the mindset that males have a slightly bigger brain than the female. I considered male as the gender with higher spatial abilities as female is an idle gender. This was just a cultural influence since it was a perception in our culture. Furthermore, I developed a psychological mind that women should not do the tough job since they have weaker energy. My brother and father could go out for work as we do domestic chores with my mother.

Physical Appearance and Functioning, Societal Roles, and Relationship Participation of Genders

From my societal influence, I developed the mind of masculinity. I consider males as physically strong, and therefore they should undertake tough jobs as compared to female. The perception that men should be the head of families or a group is based on the social influence that they have a stronger physical body than the female. I have identified males with leadership due to this stereotype.

Also, social role is determined by the gender of as an individual. Gender identity and classification is the genesis of roles played by the each sex. From my societys social norms, women were not initially allowed to vote. Only men were considered to be having the internal sense which aligns with the societal norms. In essence, most hierarchical societies often favor males than female, this is based on the gender roles.

In most societies, roles and activities of an individual are determined by his or her gender. In our society, women are identified with simple jobs like health services. From the same argument, men are associated with jobs which require physical fitness and high integrity. These suicidal thoughts are based on masculinity, which reveals males as superior gender.

Problems of Current Societal View of Gender

The societal stereotype which value masculinity in most societies comes with deferent challenges. Most women are not given the opportunity to exploit their capabilities fully. Since only males are considered to be the best leaders, women do not get the opportunities to express their leadership capabilities. Some are restricted from venturing into activities which are reserved for men.

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