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This paper will discuss Direct Marketing (the form of advertising that deals directly with the customer). Direct marketing is a form of advertising which enables businesses and other institutions to communicate on an unmediated basis. The unmediated communication means going straight to the customer through the use of e-mails, telephone calls, text messaging, websites, online adverts, database marketing, fliers, catalog distribution, promotional letters and other such means.

Direct marketing focuses on the customer and their particular personalized data where possible. It is about creating a real relationship with the client as well as maintaining that relationship. Direct marketing profiles customers and tailors the communication that is directed to them personally in such a way that the message has a maximum effect on the consumer without being bothersome. It can make the customer either feel valued or feel targeted. Hence, good direct marketing makes the consumer feel understood and creates a perception of the communicator (or marketer in this case) be perceived as attentive.

Direct marketing if successful, is supposed to spur from the recipient a specific action, for example, to call a specific number, or visit a particular store, to research further on the commodity or service being offered, to purchase a particular commodity and other such courses of action. Direct marketing can be practiced by businesses of all sizes and can be used to push a variety of messages ranging from campaign pledges, initial public offers, information about sales and other such information . Direct marketing is more explicit than general advertising. This means that whereas general advertising is aimed at raising the emotional awareness and engagement with a brand, direct marketing eschews a more clear and active call to action. Owing to this direct marketing is more preferable since its parameters for success are measurable as compared to general advertising in which the results are generally abstract. Direct communication can use a variety of channels to get to the consumer. However, it is significant to stick to the highest standards of professionalism in the conception and execution Of direct communication messages.

Direct marketing is at present the top expenditure in advertising budgets in most institutions. The motive for this is that it has a greater response ratio as compared to general and abstract advertising. The direct approach to marketing pays off, and it is important to study the extent to which this power can be used, the extent to which this power is extant.


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