Analysis on Teenage Pregnancy

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Epidemiology is a discipline on the public health field that deals with distribution, frequency, pattern and determinants of disease in man. It has a key role in the prevention and the aim to improve health. In South Florida community several health problems exist and on a visit to the States hospitals vital records on different health issues were available. My interest was on the teen pregnancy. This has been on the rise in the different states. On analysis showed a decrease from the past years but still a high rate which necessitates a lasting solution to this.

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Teen Pregnancy and their Costs in Florida

County Teen births Estimated costs

Alachua 290 $5,959,000

Collier 490 $10,069,000

Dade 3059 $62,861,000

Duval 1572 $32,304,000

Hillsborough 2078 $42,702,000

Manatee 557 $11,446,000

Orange 1771 $36,393,000

Polk 1225 $25,173,000

Literature on Teenage Pregnancy

Of all the developed countries the US has recorded the highest teen pregnancy. Several risk factors have been associated with pregnancy. They are the failure to use contraceptives, early sexual engagement, poverty and low self-esteem. Despite the overall drop in the year 2004, there is more need for its prevention. Different measures have been developed to curb this. They are programs that inform teens of their sexual risk factors and those that address their social risk factors. Abstinence and education on the presence and danger of contracting STI or HIV among the youths have been advocated. All this aim at preventing teenage pregnancy. It has been noted that girls from large families and the poorly educated would probably continue the pregnancy while those with education, career focus and acceptance are likely to abort if they have access to the medication.

Teenage pregnancy in the South Florida community has been given priority. With the greater risk on the unborn due to frustrations of mothers and their engagement in smoking and substance abuse, it should be taken seriously to avoid ill health and underdevelopment of the children. Several prevention strategies have been put in place. Emergency Contraceptives have been made available to help reduce abortions and unplanned pregnancies.

The youth have been given the education to help them realize the consequences of unprepared parenthood. They are taught the requirements and responsibilities of parenthood.

Sex education programs with the aim of providing precise and accurate information are offered by different organizations. They aim t provide improved decisions, negotiation skills and the general life skills among the youths.

Different departments in the hospitals have also taken concern of the matter. The pregnant adolescents have specific needs beyond health. Antenatal care has been taken as a priority among them. Various needs such as income, housing, self-esteem, and relationships have been taken to the counseling department. Leaders have also been called upon by the hospital personnel to address issues they may not be in a position to address.

As a registered nurse the problem of teenage pregnancy is not overstated. I, in fact, feel that it ought to be given the concern and seriousness it deserves. High social costs have been imposed on the American Society by teen pregnancy. They are negative societal impacts that need expenditures from the public. Hoffman says that at least 9.1 USD are incurred by taxpayers on teen pregnancies.

To add on this is the risk of infections at a young age and the effects the unborn children are likely to encounter. They include underweight and poor mental development.

A comparison of the South Florida teen pregnancy with the national teen pregnancy showed a higher percentage in Florida with 60 per 1,000 women while nationally it was 57 per 1,000.

Comparison with different states showed New Hampshire with28 per 1000 while New Mexico had 80 per 1,000 and Florida 57 per 1,000.

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