Fear: Cause, Reaction and Methodology Used in Managing

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Fear is a common phenomenon in a persons day to day life. It is characterized as an unpleasant emotion that is triggered when a person believes that another person or event perceived to be dangerous is likely to happen CITATION Cam16 \l 1033 (Cambridge University Press). In this case, the occurrence of the unfavorable event may likely inflict pain or threaten the ideal condition of a person. In day-to-day life, fear can be manifested in numerous ways. It could be due to fear of failing an exam, being in a plain cash, losing an investment due to stock rate fluctuation, and facing a terror attack among others. This essay is a descriptive essay assignment on the personal fear that illustrates the cause, reaction, and methodology used in managing the fear.

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Cause of Fear

A few days ago, I suffered immense fear after a report launched by the National Weather Service stated that New Orleans, Louisiana was likely to be affected by a large storm and city flooding due to heavy rains. As a person who experienced the massively destructive effects of the Katrina hurricane in the New Orleans approximately a decade ago, I fell in a deep shock after this announcement was made on the BBC World Service radio station. I was deeply concerned for my relatives safety since most of them live in New Orleans.

Reaction to Fear

After attaining this news, I immediately called my parents who live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and frantically enquired them on their readiness plans for the storm. I also contacted most of my cousins, uncles, and friends who live in New Orleans city enquiring if they had learnt about the imminent storm. I remember having a jolt of fear every time one of the calls could not get through and instead, went to voicemail. I was also fearful for my fathers estate, which was just recovering after incurring substantial losses due to the 2005 Hurricane Katrina. The Hurricane Katrina occurred on August 29, 2005 CITATION Sie05 \l 1033 (Siemaszko).

Methodology Used to Manage Fear

The primary method I used to manage the fear I had for my relatives safety was prayers. Me being a religious person, I immediately went to the local church and prayed for my familys safety. In addition, I confided in my schools student counsellor about my fears. She greatly helped me in calming down and managing the fear that I had for my family. Also, I ensured that I constantly kept in touch with my parents so that I could learn about any development pertaining the expected storm in the region.


In conclusion, fear affects a person when he/she perceives a likelihood for an unfavorable event to occur. In this case, my fear originated from the weather bulletin report I heard on the radio stating that New Orleans was likely to be affected by a destructive storm. Calling my family to enquire about their awareness and preparedness for the storm aided me in managing my fear. I also found out that talking to a professional counsellor as well as praying had a therapeutic effect on controlling fear.

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