Existence of Black Popular Culture and Racism

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Though some of the books like "Between the world and me" by Nehisi Coates records a long time story, in the recent practices and the present life, still explains that the existence of black popular culture and racism still exist in our current world. Some terms used in the society to refer to particular people or behaviors which include the use of blacks and white are usually not suitable when dealing with those individuals who are perceived to be falling in these boundaries (Coates, 2015). For example, one might say terms like, you are behaving just like white, black or an African. This is unethical and not recommended words to use when referring to an individual or in any case talking more about someone in his or her absence.

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In modern countries, some of the major battles that they significantly face are more of culture and class, an example of this struggle includes the fight for cultural hegemony where post modernity is the initial displacement. When this happens, the additional power of different relation typically changes, and it's able to put pressure on itself. This can be further explained through the action and the realms of black popular culture. All cultures are severely struggling to do away with what can be known as popular. Hall describes Obama presidency to be more of race issue but a total contribution for the whole nation. He argues that the black signifiers at one point start lessening hence changing things in the direction of a postmodern community. Old blacks culture of practicing their religion and worshipping their gods are diminishing

Notably, Hall added that black popular culture comes together in its formation with an intention by which the citizens come up with their type aesthetic diaspora. Real black culture is focused on transferring real purpose. Hall later argues that when the racial differences are not part of all the population, people are always different in their views, sexuality and of class In black popular culture, most African Americans regularly rely on the use of rhythm as leverage to articulate moral beliefs, philosophical and theological beliefs. African American music is greatly influenced by rhythm; it still plays an integral role in blacks music and also an essential element. Additionally, rhythm to some extent can philosophically create communication concerning the spiritual level of experience that occurs in African-American culture.

In black popular culture, the blacks mostly involve rhythm in rap. Blacks are of high relevance to rap music and an identifying feature when it comes to cultural practices when the rhythm intervenes in rap music, and different types of movements can be generated by the mix of swing in rap music. It also provides the rap music with significant part of its meaning. Black popular culture is commonly associated with a rap which provides a little knowledge, idea, skills and great ability on the use of complicated rhythm. The use of rhythm in rap music has at one point raised the living standard of most blacks who stick to it and who handle this as occupation and a daily too, rap music with time has lifted them since they have a unique product that in the whole world they can be identified with.

Black popular culture incorporates the objectives and functions of call- and- response developed models that are built and followed the spiritual harmony strictly, this is put in place to allow for a great sense of unity solidarity and in the other direction approve aesthetic and values that are of black's culture. Perhaps, the real act of configuration on the call-and end scenarios in the blacks African-American culture, and the real confirmation and affirmation maximum used by African Americans to support and serious participation purpose to be at one point looked up to. This frequently involves a singer and a rapper plus the audience involved during the whole process. During the singing process, the rapper or the singer regularly plays the role of leader by leading the audience and facilitating the audience to sing back or sing in one accord with him or her.

In the black popular culture much is expressed in a dark way and style on how the African American culture was strongly influenced by the type of food they used to survive on. Blacks mostly depended on the food that their masters used to partake. Though some of the food that the blacks prepared were sometimes referred to us blue food. Mostly on the night meals most blacks depended mostly on chicken cooked in different ways, others survived on fry fish which was normally referred to Boggie Woogie Blue Plate'. In their culture food was of great importance and was valued as culturally restorative to every black family in all the years they survived on earth.

Black redemption according to black popular culture is focused on explaining the white leaders, imperialist and oppressors that they have a same total control and competence in managing their bad, oppressive and affairs which are evil. Black popular culture portrays that African Americans have been seen and at one point taken to be redundant, and most of their importance is just seen in prison, and mostly blacks are valuable there, and their brains and energy can just be exhausted in jail. This is evident by a significant number of the American prisoners who are blacks as compared to the statistical ratio of whites. In this case, blacks are not seen to be important as a functioning contribution to the functioning economy.

According to Baldwin,(1963) blacks in America built an atrocious self-image towards the whites who were living with them in their day to day functioning of their daily activities. In those past days, the whites were in total control of most of the functions the blacks were undertaking in their everyday lives. During this time, the whites perceived African America and used them to be objects just there to be seen and not to be heard. Blacks could work for them from morning to evening in their farms without being paid. During this time, blacks used to view whites as heartless and inconsiderate. As a result of the oppressions, blacks started becoming rebellious with a bad attitude towards them. They started fighting for their rights with continuous rebellion to come out of the world of oppression and discrimination.

In blacks popular culture, some blacks still have the mentality that whites are...

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