What Excites me About Being a Member of the GW Community?

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The George Washington community not only constitutes several ambitious students and many committed lecturers, but it is also a hub for new beginnings. The Universitys central location sets it apart from others regarding the variety of students one is likely to establish good relationships with. I believe am going to understand other people better by sharing with people from all corners of the country and the world. This is one way through which I know the George Washington community is going to prepare me to cope with all manner of challenges as a person and a professional. Also, the Universitys strategic location provides me with the needed motivation to thoroughly pursue my degree course because of the incomparable resources the institution possesses.

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Another thing that excites me is the access the community offers to policymakers and opinion makers. Several high-ranking political leaders and scholars have established distinguished positions after finishing their University education at the George Washington University. This kind of exposure provides me with the belief that the institution offers quality skills and knowledge in my degree course which will provide me with the needed support to succeed in life. Most of the working offices within the community comprise leading government offices and international agencies. This kind of working environment will provide me with adequate internship and job opportunities. As a marketing student, I am happy to note that this kind of exposure comes along with added knowledge and opportunities to improve my career skills and ambitions. The annual events hosted by the University also encourage me in a special way since through them; I will get to meet and listen to the wisdom of learned and influential leaders and organizational directors in the marketing industry among other related sectors.

Besides the exposure to central politics, the community also offers access to cultural practices from all corners of the country. This benefit is greatly influenced by the wide range of students that come to pursue their higher education at the University. The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and the Smithsonian Institution are perfect examples of the kind of rare resources I am looking forward to familiarizing myself with. This kind of distractions will prove to be essential since I will have added activities to engage in. By joining the University, I am focused on being aware of the day-to-day issues that face our country and the world. The George Washington communitys proximity to world governing institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank will aid in this. By visiting such organisations, I can learn the growing trends in the monetary and marketing industry.

The GW community also serves as a hub for visionary students who wish to come up with ideas that could improve the digital world. This kind of exposure encourages me to become part of the community behind the creation of something new and great. Having worked for humanitarian institutions in the country and outside the country, I also appreciate the communitys devotion to providing for the less privileged through community service. Such commitment creates a desire in me to be a part of the community that changes lives in the capital and places I have not been to yet. Having said this, I believe I can play a significant role in aiding the GW community to achieve its current and future objectives.

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