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Dear admission officer,

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It is with great pleasure that I recommend Jingyi Wang to your school. As the sales director of the Founder Securities Co., Ltd, I have had the privilege to meet many interns, but I have not met such a talented and a motivated person.

During the one-month that I worked with Jingyi Wang, she demonstrated above average command of the security basics and a genuine curiosity to learn more. She volunteered to assume more work like regular employees and offered to work even overtime. Her dedication and professionalism exceeded the expectations, and she impressed everyone that she worked with. Her performance in the company was outstanding as she always integrated into the companys pace of work, and never admitted defeat to give up. Jingyi Wang borrowed many professional books from me to extend research on her work. Her commitment gave me confidence in her that I could assign her many customers. To my surprise, I received many letters from the customers appreciating her good job.

During her one-month internship, Jingyi Wang was involved in many companys projects. In 2014, she participated in Founder Securities medium-term investment strategy conference. She co-authored the companys policy report and did part of the work independently. Her work demonstrated high-level thinking and strong logic. She cooperated with everyone that she worked with, and she portrayed her professionalism by communicating effectively. Indeed, everybody that worked with Jingyi Wang praised her.

Jingyi Wang challenged other interns, and she set a good example in our company that others can follow. I strongly recommend her to your school and sincerely hope that you will support her and give her a chance to make her dream come true.

Thank you.

Director: Li Yang

To whom it may concern,

It is a great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Jingyi Wang to support her application to study at your university.

I am the Dean of Finance School of Tianjin University of Commerce. Jingyi Wang is one of my best students majoring in Future Marketing. I have known Jingyi Wang splendidly regarding her personality and academic performance as a student in charge of propaganda work.

Jingyi Wang has an extraordinary sense of logical analysis and intelligence that makes her mastering complicated theories excellently. She actively participated in the campus activities; demonstrating her academic independence as well as impressive ability. Additionally, Jingyi Wang expresses her ideas clearly and has good analytical skills, which gives me a deep impression. Jingyi Wang participated in the debate competition in the University, and she worked as the fourth debater. Jingyi Wang finished the task excellently because of her agile mind and quick analysis ability, which impressed all the judges. Because of the excellent performance and cooperation, Jingyis team won, and Jingyi was awarded the honor of The Best Debater.

Based on my appreciation of such an ambitious student, I strongly support her decision to pursue higher academic without reservation. I am hoping that my recommendation will receive your favorable consideration.

Thank you very much,


Dear Admission Officer,

I am honored to extend my comprehensive recommendation to my student Jingyi Wang for acceptance into your Finance Management Program for further studies.

As the professor at the Finance Department of Economics School of Tianjin University of Commerce, I have known and taught Jingyi Wang for three years. I interacted with her, and I observed that she is highly dedicated, energetic, and a hardworking person. Jingyi Wang is a self-motivated person and her passion for learning influenced most of her peers. She helped most of her friends during my classes.

Jingyi Wang is an honest person. In all the occasions that we had, she was always punctual and the first one. She always completed her tasks on time be they academic or student-related. Jingyi Wang works to her capability and always willing to admit her weaknesses. She goes further to find a suitable person who can help her overcome her weaknesses. She is one of a kind.

Again, I am glad to write this recommendation letter to your school hoping that you will help Jingyi Wang achieve her dreams. She has unusual passion and expectations for making contributions to the world. As a professor, there is nothing happier than seeing a student grow up and pursuing her dreams. I sincerely hope that your school will accept her application and give her a chance to further her studies.

Thank You.

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