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Creating a movie scene requires several mise-en-scenes and other film styles that are necessary to make it appear real and fascinating. Notably, lighting systems, postures, setting, and voices are all important in making a film and even creating scenes that are different since the whole movie cannot flow the same way. While some parts may display happiness other section may express sadness, and it is important to use different styles depending on the mood of the film at various sections. The scene that I would want to create is a love prospect where a man shows affection to a woman, but instead of speaking, he comes with written cards expressing his love to her without saying a word. Notably, this scene is the same as that of "Love Actually" acted by Mark and Juliet. The scene is called to me you are perfect.

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To make it interesting, it is important to use visual cues that and any other mise en scene that creates the real picture and suggests that it is a romantic point. In this case, the use of high key lighting is very efficient and will ultimately tell the audience what follows before even seeing the man approaching. This light system is used in three-point technique at the lower level in comedy and romantic movies. With illumination, the scene looks very soft and bright with little shadows within the frame. This is according Lathrop and David signifies peace and love and has been used severally in classic movies (32).

One of the camera views that I would use in this scene is frontality. According to Lathrop and David, there is a time in a film when audiences have been in suspense that they want to know what is next (37). After displaying the written cards, the reaction of the woman becomes the concern of all observers. Therefore, it is important to use the frontality view for the characters to be visible wholly. Additionally, it is the point of the film when I will use high angle. This position of the camera gives a wider view of the characters. It also makes the subjects weak, frightened, and submissive. As it is on the scene, the woman does not know his intention, and she becomes anxious, the point that can only be fully described using high angle camera view. Moreover, I would use three quarters camera view at some points to see the facial expression of every character at this point. Remember it is possible to conclude that she is interested and ready to accept him by judging from her body language such as facial expression that can only be clearly viewed when the capture is halfway. I would not want to use animation since I want it to appear real.

This is a love scene that draws the attention of the audiences hence the selection of appropriate music is paramount. As such the music for this scene should be that which sends the message of love. At this particular point, he does not want to talk since it can be observed from him that he comes with already written cards. He wants to pass his affection and love in a manner that exceeds just talks. Therefore, in this particular point of the movie, I would choose Girl you are amazing by Bruno mass (Lathrop & David 39). This is a love song that describes the feeling of a young man towards a beautiful lady. It only says that you are amazing just the way you are. Since love is gentle, and he should be milder than the word itself to convince her, he needs to express this feeling with a song that has a slow pace but emotional attractive. This will also catch the attention of the audiences who will believe that they are part of the film. Specifically, some of the lyrics of the song that describes the scene from are When I see your face (face, face...) There's not a thing that I would change 'Cause you're amazing (amazing) Just the way you are (are) And when you smile (smile, smile...) The whole world stops and stares for a while 'Cause, girl, you're amazing (amazing) Just the way you are. This is a classical and love music that fits in the main theme of the movie which is love. Particularly, it is more convenient in this scene considering the extent to which his affection towards her has grown.

The scene I have created would fit into Einstein's Dreams film because they share the same theme of love; therefore, the sounds system that has been used in Einstein's Dreams can directly be used in the scene I have created. Additionally, type of lighting system is bright and soft which can also fit in my principal. More importantly, my major characters are two, a man and woman; this is the same as observed in this particular scene of Einstein's Dreams hence can fit each other.

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