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The article by Coltrane explains about shared parenting. From the twenty dual learner families sampled, all the couples explained the reason for task allocation is due to time shortage. The families are more children-centered in that they value the well- being of their children a lot, committed to parenting and spending their time out work with the children (Coltrane, 1996). The author illustrates how traditionally the woman is required to do all the house chores and take care of the children while the father is viewed as the provider and also protect. The twenty dual learner couples who have been living together for an average of ten years, explains that the traditional way of motherhood and fatherhood is changed. Most of the families tend to involve the fathers in child rearing. The findings revealed that when domestic responsibilities are equally shared, fathers develop maternal thinking and the general meaning of gender changes.

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The journal, advertising the acceptably employable image: Disability and Capitalism' by Harlan Hahn describes that advertising and the media play a significant role in ending discrimination against men and women who are disabled and also other oppressed groups. The author argues that public perceptions and attitudes about the disabled need to change and the antidiscrimination laws to promote fair treatment in the employment sector and other public activities should be enacted (Harn, 1987). The transgender theory: Embodying Research and Practice' by Nagoshi and Brzuzy include the unique experiences of transgender. The authors describe that transgender theory helps people learn different things concerning sexual identity and gender. It is clear that people need to oppose oppression by breaking the gender roles in the community.

Gender impacts vocational development in different ways as viewed in theories of the articles. The article by Coltrane emphasizes that gender should not determine the domestic responsibilities of any person because child rearing involves both parents. The article by Hahn describes the importance of giving disabled people job opportunities and a chance to participate in other public activities. The author insists on the advantage to having agents of a capitalist economy study the social and economic behavior so as to accommodate men and women with disabilities. The article by Nagoshi and Brzuzy elaborates that people can empower themselves to oppose social oppression and understand more about gender and sexual identity. When people accepts transgenderism, they work without considering the roles of a certain gender (Nagoshi & Brzuzy, 2014).

The ideas of the authors about gender in the world of today are very real. Traditionally some roles were defined as either for men or women but the idea of any person can do any work is educative. In a family, a father can take the responsibility of taking care of the children as the mother does. In the past, a father was only required to be a breadwinner and provide security to the family, but the responsibilities have changed. Transgenderism encourages both men and women to break any gender roles and cross the other side without fear. People should stop describing certain positions to be done by a particular gender. The article by Hahn describes that even men and women who are disabled need to have a chance to work and involve in other activities just like other people. Discrimination of the Disabled in the job market is not good as these person also need care and love from the community. The common biases that disabled people cannot work, the father, should not be involved in parental responsibilities and people should not break gender roles are misleading, and individuals in the community should learn to adapt the modern ways of life.


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