The Role of Women in the Family Today

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The role of women in the family has changed considerably in the last decades. Formerly, a woman was considered to be strictly a keeper of a family hearth who was obliged to raise children, to do the housework and to wait for her beloved husband from work preparing delicious meals, while a man was the only breadwinner in the family. The idea that a woman is able to enjoy the same privileges and to have equal rights with men at the workplace was like a myth. If a woman worked, she could only choose a career of a nurse, an educator or any other typically female professions. The main task of a woman was, however, to govern the house.

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Nevertheless, currently, gender roles have undergone certain changes. More and more dads are dismissed on grounds of redundancy and pretend to occupy the womans place at home. Another reason of these changes is a struggle of women for the fully equal rights. Women were always suppressed at the workplace because they had to claim to lower wages and to spend much time proving their abilities to occupy high positions in a company. Thus, women may hold high-ranking positions today and earn even much money than their male counterparts.

So, women began to pay more attention to their important posts rather than to their family. Such changes provoke certain family problems which have both positive and negative effects. There are three dimensions of family life that can be affected when woman work:

Family well-being

The process of raising children

The marriage itself.

As for the family well-being, it can be improved when both a woman and a man work. This change can be rather beneficial because it becomes easier to earn enough money to live in comfort. Working women make their contribution to the financial means of the family and allow the family to avoid living in poverty. On the other hand, when women are fully engaged in the process of working it adversely affects the life of their children and their marriage. Public states that it is hard for a working woman to raise children because she does not have enough spare time to devote it to pastime with her kids. So, it affects greatly their relationships and their behavior and may do harm, especially, when kids are small. Moreover, a working woman may not have a successful marriage because her permanent employment and high salary may excite envy and sometimes jealousy in her husband that may lead to divorce.

There are different opinions whether a woman should or should not work. Some people claim that it is better for children and for the marriage when a woman stays at home and fulfill her domestic duties. Others, by turn, prefer giving an opportunity to the women to make a career and to show their worth in the workforce.

All in all, the role of a woman has changed greatly from the housewife to the breadwinner lately. Certainly, this change affects the life of the whole family. It may set at variance and lead to a divorce or, on the contrary, simply increases the family welfare. All things considered, it is up to a woman to choose a role that will be suitable for her. Nevertheless, when a woman earns more money than her husband it is time to give her a chance to be a breadwinner.

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