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The societies we live in overflow with toxic relationships epitomized by various forms of violence. From birth to death we are subject to series of assault and disregard. For instance, sometimes back in the Western societies children were spanked immediately they were born to usher them into the bitter world. Although such hostile acts have been stopped, people are still subjected to emotional, intellectual, and indoctrination attacks (Michael, 2016). Most people die without learning the skills to prevent these forms of violence. For this reason, the article focuses on equipping people with skills for identifying and stopping these forms of violence. Toxic socialization is a new concept for unveiling the violence in the process of socialization. Toxic socialization taints attachments, demean self-esteem and impairs people capacity for emotional and intellectual expressions. It is characterized by neglect, abuse, and violence. The abuse can be physical, emotional, or psychological.

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Violence and abuse are characteristic of toxic socialization who adverse effects are common in our societies. For instance, frequent exposure to physical abuse lead unhealthy and other risky behaviors. Adults and adolescents may become alcohol dependent and develop depression and other forms of mental illnesses (Michael, 2016). Adolescents subjected to abuse and violence perform poorly in class. Some people exposed to abuse and violence experience suicidal thoughts and attempts, and at times they injure themselves. The experiences of abuse and violence at emotional and psychological levels also leads to the outcomes identified above. By witnessing these kinds of toxic socialization, for instance, growing up in an abusive family, it can also lead to these problems.

Likewise, neglect and lack of care for physical, emotion, psychological, and intellectual needs lead to great damage of our body. Children who have neglected the access of basic requirements such, food, shelter, and rest develop health problems (Michael, 2016). This deprivation compromises the physical and mental development of children. Parents who fail to show their children love and care exposes the children to risks of mental disorders.

Similarly, the article addresses stress as a form of toxic socialization. Stress lead to allostatic load which is the toil that stresses subject to our body (Michael, 2016). Chronic stress leads to the hormonal imbalance, for instance, unregulated cortisol patterns in the body. Cortisol is important in stress management, but when synthesized and released in dysregulated patterns, it does not offer a long-term solution to stress.

The article is relevant to the course since it addresses a concept that has an impact on the society. I chose the article since it is talking about a unique concept, toxic socialization that has the potential to unfold into new research studies. I appreciate the article since it addresses the toxic relationships, provides means for identifying and avoid these situations. It raises the awareness by recognizing that violence does not come in only physical for but also psychological and other forms. It also shows that all members of the society are victims starting from the infants to the old. However, the article leaves me wondering how to manage the toxic contexts after their revelation. Identifying a problem without crafting a solution do not offer much difference to the situation since it will be a status quo. I would recommend that future publications and studies to consider these suggestions to make this concept reliable in guiding social contexts.


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