Essay on Racism and Discrimination versus Advantage and Favoritism

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The author puts into perspective the issue of racial inequality by asserting that the favoring given to white people by other whites is the basic method promoting racism in the period of post-civil rights in the United States America. Therefore, one of the objectives of the article is analyzing the basis of racial inequality. The other objective is the analysis of the theory of management on the basis of diversity and inequality in addition to objections that may develop with the authors conception of inequality in regards to white people favoring their fellow whites while looking down on people who are non-whites (DiTomaso, 2015). In other words, the author presents the argument that favoritism takes place before racism and other forms of discriminations as per the analysis of other researches. Human resource is a significant part of the operations of a company. It assists in selecting and placing individuals as per their respective skills. The human resource department is also responsible for ensuring that the environment is conducive for everyone such that people work without feeling intimidated or inferior. HR is also responsible when it comes to the issues of compensation and also development and maintenance of the skills such that a company continues to experience progress and improve its productivity. It also makes consultation with the executive management on ways in which the working environment can be improved to enhance the productivity of workers. Furthermore, it plays a part in developing the rules and regulations in regards to ethics such that the relationship between the management and the employees and among employees remain stable.

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The article is intended for companies and most specifically, the human resource departments. The author puts into perspective, the issue of favoritism which mostly involves the human resource department as it is responsible for hiring qualified individuals. The author limits the content to the United States in regards to the post-civil rights period and hence targeting the companies in the U.S. The article is relatively informal as the author employs the use of the first person. He puts emphasis on the objective and the associated arguments. In regards to the background information that the reader should have, information on management, the role of the HR department, the rights of the employees, the Discrimination Act associated with the work environment and the relevance of diversity in the workplace. The reader should also be familiar with issues that affect employees and the relevance of ethics in the work environment. When it comes to the appropriateness of the journal, the journal is under the Elsevier database which is a credible source of accredited scholarly articles. It is worth noting that the journal limits itself to organizational behavior which revolves around the conditions in the workplace. The article is in the journal Research in Organizational Behavior with the title Racism and discrimination versus advantage and favoritism: Bias for versus bias against. The author highlights that the article focuses on the argument that favoritism takes place before racism and other forms of discriminations as per the analysis of other researches; an objective that aligns with the article (DiTomaso, 2015). In other words, the objective of the article aligns with the aspect of organizational behavior and hence appropriate or rather relevant when included in the journal.

The article is conceptual whereby it entails logical and persuasive reasoning. The author highlights the research of other authors on the work environment such that she relates their views to the articles objectives. The author also indicates significant findings and includes the perspectives presented by empirical studies.

The problem that the article analyzes is racial inequality in the workplace. According to the author, white people tend to be favored more by other whites when compared to nonwhites who are times subjected to negative treatment. The author puts into perspective the theory of management in regards to inequality and diversity in the workplace (DiTomaso, 2015).

The proposed solution of for companies to prevent any form of bias when it comes to the treatment of individuals in the workplace. He explains that despite most companies embracing diversity, the aspect of favoritism affects them in the sense that they bring about racial inequality. The evidence used by the author are findings from the works of other scholars in regards to its conceptual nature (DiTomaso, 2015).

The author highlights the fact that racial inequality is still a problem in the workplace despite most companies embracing diversity. The author asserts that favoritism precedes racial inequality in the sense that whites favor their fellow whites when it comes to opportunities and treatment when compared to how they treat nonwhites (DiTomaso, 2015).

The article contributes to the aspect of organizational behavior as it looks at one of the areas that affect employees in their workplace. The article allows one to reflect on the relationship between favoritism and the occurrence of racial inequality in the workplace. The possible analysis that can be conducted from the research is on methods that companies can employ to decrease the occurrence of favoritism in regards to the role of the human resource department.


DiTomaso, N. (2015). Racism and discrimination versus advantage and favoritism: Bias for versus bias against. Research in Organizational Behavior, 35: 57-77.

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