Sociological Perspective Versus Amish Society and Culture

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A community may not operate the same as human. The people in the society are informed that every community changes and this can be distinguished from the individuals (John Witt. 2015). To demonstrate this any mobilizer needs to establish a social perspective to observe how this transpires among the residents. A community is a superorganic system;

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Any society functions as an organism. It has different parts with various functions just like a living cell, which is composed of its atoms, the same way an institution, a behavior prototype, or community, the same way human beings demonstrates (John Witt. 2015). Individuals in the society have a tendency to manifest changes, as a result, to set of forces. All of these transcend the individual human beings that carry them.

A Society as a System

It is believed that society is unlike inorganic like an engine but rather an organic system just like a tree (John Witt, 2015). Moreover, it operates like a superorganic system composed of ideas, premonitions and human behaviors.

Even though a community is a system consisting of cultures, it does not portray the mutual union, but rather it is full of factions, struggles, and conflicts. These are widely seen from the differences emanating from the religion and gender, ethical clashes, class, level of education, language, income among others.

In an attempt to enhance community indulgence in the development, there is a need to amalgamate all the factions so as to preach tolerance and unity (John Witt, 2015). To encourage social change in society, it is necessary to know the operations of the community.

A community has different cultural dimensions in which it operates. These include: the technological, economic, political, institutional, aesthetic value and belief-concept.

Question 2

Social Status and Roles versus Social Structure and Typical

Interaction in the Food Restaurant

The current research has it that fast food is becoming the global trend in the world. According to the Times articles by the Los Angeles 96% rely on the fast food. In a nutshell, the attendance of various restaurants has profoundly demonstrated the interaction among the consumers based on the social stratification. This can be explained as follows:

Consumer Interactions

In many occasions, consumers have been observed either as an individual or a group as they move to the restaurant. Frequently, they move in the same social class. When in the queue their conversations are not often related to lunch. When choosing seats in the area to dine, they sit with the group they had accompanied them (John Wit, 2015). The sets of groups that have been associated with the habit are those who work together, those who negotiate space to fit their members at the expense of breaking space of the initial groups. However, the case has been differently noted among the white collar workers.

Visible Hierarchy

Another visible level of interaction is the hierarchical system. The policy of Taco Bell demonstrates the power distribution among the employees (John Wit, 2015). There are those assigned the various positions of opening and closing the restaurants, scheduling and job positions. According to the team position, there is an expectation of the flat responsibility structure.

In the hierarchical operation of the Southern California site, the structure has been portrayed through the use of uniforms and via the behavior of the employees and the managers (John Witt, 2015). Unlike the managers who wear dark dress pants and button down dress shirt with a tie, the employees wear dark blue pants, a blue cotton crew neck T-shirt and a blue baseball style hat with Taco Bell logo another difference is seen from the different tags they wear.


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