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Talking of weather is always a topic of conversation in the United Kingdom where I come from. The reason is that we have four seasons in the United Kingdom, namely spring, summer, winter and autumn and each season is special and beautiful on its own. Different times of the year have their distinctive weather. Today am going to share with you my favorite season, the reason I like it when it occurs and the changes it brings. I like all the four seasons anyway, but I think my favorite one is spring, it usually lasts from 1st March to May every year.

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During the beginning of this season especially during the beginning of March, the weather can be anything from cold to warm and sunny, but during late May when the season is ending, the weather becomes warmer. Up to a certain extent, this weather is not different to the seasons since they are all a time of change in the United Kingdom. However, the main reason why this season is unique as compared to other seasons is the same reason that it is one of my favorite season of the year. I love the season because, at this time, everything is growing fresh and new.

The best thing about this season is that days starts getting longer after dark and there is more sunlight. This season bring life to the environment as you can see trees renewing themselves as new leaves starts growing. Springs also make the country look beautiful as fruit trees such Apple and Cherry can be seen developing white and pink blossoms and flowers which are colorful for example, crocuses bloom in sparks and gardens. The environment itself is fabulous due to the singing birds which at this particular period will be looking for the mate and building their nests. This is something I enjoy watching during this season.

During spring, the environment is cool and occasionally, there is some light rain that can be experienced and such rains are perfect for crops especially in the countryside. The temperature is in a tolerable limit, and there is plenty of the wind making it more awesome. When am walking in town, I can see restaurants and pubs starting to put their tables outside again, and it is this time that I join some of my friends, we sit in the sun and drink and eat together. The parks are always full, as individuals visit the place to play sports and enjoy other activities. It is an excellent season.

The time of the season that I enjoy most is during late March; the clock is in front by one hour. During this time, there is extra one hour in the evening, and this is the period I hang out with most of my friend, as the sun sets after a long sunny day. Notably, this is the time of the year that I can visit so many places for my need and recreation purposes due to moderate temperature, and the environment is pleasant. Spring season is the king of all the four seasons. The season exposes nature in its most beautiful form and our hearts are filled with a lot of pleasure. For everyone to enjoy this season, everybody should make sure that the/she is vaccinated against various diseases that occurs during this period.

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