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The CEO is responsible for steering Envision Pharmaceutical Company towards its success. Similarly, he or she creates the right strategic direction for the organization in addition to supervising its business aspects to accomplish the vision and the mission of the firm (Moles, Parrino, and Kidwell (2011). The CEO is the last decision maker and reports directly to the board of directors.

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Professional responsibilities

1. Developing plans and strategies in alignment with Envisions short-term and long-term goals

2. Leading and motivating the subordinates

3. Supervising activities of the business for desired results and check on their consistency with mission and strategy

4. Making informed investing decisions for profit maximization

5. Ensures the organization adheres to legal guidelines and in-house policies for its compliance with ethics and legality

6. Review reports, both financial and non-financial and offer solutions

7. Act as contact point for the principal shareholders by building trust relations


The individual should have a Master's in Pharmaceutical Science, with proven experience in a managerial position and preferably as a CEO. Additionally, the CEO should have outstanding leadership skills, excellent public speaking and communication skills, and both problem solving and analytical skills.

Finance Manager

Job Summary

The financial manager provides financial advice to Envision including advising on viable investments, insurance products, and savings and pension options (Moles, Parrino & Kidwell, 2011). He or she is responsible for ensuring the financial success of the Scientific Office.


1. Prepare and interpret budgets, reports, and financial statements

2. Analyze strategies and help in strategic planning

3. Produce long-term business plans

4. Lead the research on competition and pricing

5. Control cash flow and expenditure

6. Develop and maintain financial systems

7. Carry out risk assessment

8. Manage budgets


The jobholder must have a Bachelor's Degree in Finance. Postgraduate qualifications and relevant experience is an added advantage. Additionally, one should have excellent oral and communication skills, be self-motivated and a team player. Similarly, one should possess analytical, IT, and problem-solving technical and numerical skills.

Marketing Manager

Job Summary

The marketing manager is responsible for managing daily marketing activities of the organization and ensuring they are consistent with long-term strategies (Burrow & Fowler, 2015).


1. Manage marketing activities and develop marketing strategies that are consistent with objectives of the firm

2. Coordinate marketing campaigns with selling activities

3. Overseeing the marketing budget

4. Implement marketing plans and creates marketing materials

5. Responsible for corporate identity and brand management

6. Monitor the effectiveness of marketing communication

7. Assist with launching of new products by working with design agencies

8. Communicate marketing objectives to the relevant functions of the company

9. Conduct an analysis of potential partner relationships that are strategic to commercialization of the organization


The Marketing Manager must have a bachelor's degree in marketing and be a qualified chartered marketer. Additionally, one should have a dynamic personality with high creativity and both project management and analytical skills in addition to budget management skills. Moreover, one should be creative and confident enough. It is also necessary to be familiar with technologies, trends, and methodologies in web design, graphic design, and production.

Senior Scientific Communication Manager

Job Summary

The senior scientific communication manager is in charge of managing the flow of information regarding scientific communications in the firm (Moles, Parrino & Kidwell, 2011).


1. Identifying, writing and controlling the product or solution related scientific materials and other issues, both online and offline

2. Managing a database for the internal stakeholders on scientific support documents and other data

3. Ensure that there is consistency in scientific messaging, quality, accuracy and reference in all product communication materials

4. Work with scientific field in the firm in ensuring they get appropriate and correct content to help meet their goals and deadlines of publications

5. Must be proactive in managing competitive activities in the scientific marketing field of the firm

6. Work with agencies, vendors, publishers, and editors to ensure publication of Envisions scientific materials


One must have a scientific background with a Ph.D. in life sciences or a Master's of Science degree with substantial relevant experience. Additionally, one should have an understanding of scientific evidence, communication and publications planning.


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Moles, P., Parrino, R., & Kidwell, D. S. (2011). Fundamentals of corporate finance. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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