Effects of Increased Communication Technology on Emirates Airline

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Communication technology has changed over time and it continues to increase. In 2010, the emirate airlines made huge profits despite having made losses the previous year. Specifically, the airline company owned by the Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed al-maktoum family made profits totaling $964 in the financial year ending 2010, up from losses of $9.64 million in 2009. This was due to the increase in communication technology. Specifically, the company started advertising its services online. More importantly, it offered online booking services for its customers instead of going to their branches to book a plane. This embrace of communication technology positively affected the airline. However, other factors were at play. Specifically, its marketing strategies played a big role in the revival of the company.

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The topic of whether increased communication technology affected companies like emirates airlines in a positive or positive way is very important. In this regard, it intends to unmask the influence of communication technology on companies. To this end, companies will be able to understand and appreciate the existence of increased communication technology in the world. Additionally, it unravels the revival of emirates airlines from making losses in 2009 to making huge profits a year later. I am aware that many companies have benefited from technology in communication. As such, I am interested in establishing whether Emirate Airlines is one of those companies that benefited from increased communication technology.

The research question that this research seeks to answer is: Did the increase in communication technology help businesses like Emirates Airlines in a positive or negative way? In this regard, I will use a qualitative method; analyzing secondary data from various scholarly articles, and reports released by the Emirates Airlines.

In my quest to answer the research question, I will employ several articles, which contain information that is very relevant to my topic and area of study. In this regard, Nataraja, & Al-aali (2011) enumerates the various exceptional strategies that helped the emirates airline company gain huge profits from the struggles of the previous year. I will use this information to draw conclusions on whether the profits were because of increased communication technology. The second article, Direction (2012), provides information to the effect that product differentiation and costs control helped the Emirates Airline Company realize extra ordinary profits. These sources will be valuables it will help me make an evaluation of how the company implemented those strategies. Specifically, it will enable me determine whether it was because of the use of communication technology.

In the second week of my research, I will synergize the information from all the sources that I deem relevant to my topic. In so doing, I will note the important points that are present in almost all sources. The introduction and the statement of the thesis will follow in the third and fourth weeks respectively. In the week after, I will make a proper arrangement of my paragraphs so that I can have a fist draft in the seventh week. By the end of the eighth week, I should be celebrating the completion of my research paper and subsequent hand over to the relevant authorities. This way, I will have time for other courses, which have their deadlines as well.


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