Analysis Essay on Idaho Food Bank's Campaign Flyer, Policy and Strategy

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The Idaho Food Banks flyer can be classified as a special purpose flyer. This is because it has a single primary objective of mobilizing the public to assist the Idahoan population with food. This can be seen because the entire flyer primarily focuses on describing the hunger status of the Idahoans due to the lack of sufficient food. As such, the flyer is not employed for any additional purpose.

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Policy for the Campaign Regarding Planned Gifts

The campaign's policy should be based on the reason that all potential donors can donate any volume or amount of food they can manage without defining a specific amount of donation. This means that potential donors should not be pressurized to donate high amounts of food, which they might not be comfortable providing with respect to their current economic status. Also, it would be appropriate to count the gifts as a milestone towards achieving the campaign's objectives.

This would ensure that an enhanced mobilization of potential donors has been performed so as to attain sufficient food for the Idahoans. This policy is advantageous, as it will not shut out donors who might not donate a large volume of food. Nevertheless, it is also subjective to a disadvantage because the potential donors might under-contribute and consequently compromise the attainment of the campaign's objectives.

Discussion of the Solicitation Strategy that Should Be Employed for the Campaign

The campaign should use the triple-ask solicitation strategy. This is because a large volume of expected gifts in the form of food donations is expected. This can be supported by the reason that one in every seven Idahoans suffers from food insecurity. Also, over 240,000 persons in the Idahoan community, as well as 80,000 children, live with hunger every day of their lives. The disadvantage of a single-ask solicitation strategy is that it directly communicates the campaign's objectives without pressuring potential donors to contribute a specified amount of donation. As such, potential donors might offer a substantially higher than expected volume of donations. Nevertheless, the single-ask strategy might not be convincing to potential donors since it is solicited only once.

On the other hand, the double-ask strategy can also be an effective solicitation strategy in this case. This is because it convinces potential donors to contribute double the amount they would willingly afford. This is also advantageous in that the campaign objectives are easily attained because most potential donors contribute double the expected volume of donation. Nevertheless, the double-ask solicitation strategy might bother some potential donors in that they might view the solicitation as a scheme to attain free donations from potential donors.


Nevertheless, the triple-ask solicitation strategy is the best in this campaign because it aids in aggressive attainment of the objectives of the campaign. This is because potential donors contribute triple the volume of donations that they would have willingly contributed in the first place. Nevertheless, this strategy could also be viewed as a potential scheme by potential donors if not communicated properly through the campaign flyers.

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